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Northwestern Professor Spotlights Forces Behind Structural Racism in Liberal Democracies

October 9, 2020
Why do racial injustices, racial inequalities and racial disparities in democracies persist over time without redress? Why has police violence against Black citizens persisted in the post-civil rights era? Northwestern University Associate Professor of African American Studies Dr. Barnor Hesse discussed these questions and more this week in a Northwestern Roberta Buffett Institute for Global Affairs webinar on “White Sovereignty and The Law of Racial Rule.” Hesse highlighted some of the reasons why liberal democracies are the sites and sources of continuous racial injustices, inequalities, and disparities, despite claims to liberty and equality as universal ideas and practices.

Future of Higher Ed: Impactful Global Action Starts on the Local Level

October 7, 2020
Held online through Zoom, the first virtual Convening of Presidential Delegates from the U7+ Alliance of World Universities attracted more than 100 senior officials and faculty from 33 universities across 13 countries for two days of discussion on the role and future of higher education and how universities can operate as global actors and help solve global challenges.

Northwestern Hosts Inaugural U7+ Worldwide Student Forum

August 18, 2020
This summer, 85 students from 22 universities in 12 countries convened virtually to address one big question: How should universities best prepare students for life after graduation in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic and global and local events since its onset? The students participated in the inaugural U7+ Worldwide Student Forum, which Northwestern University hosted as a precursor to this year’s U7+ Alliance of World Universities Summit.

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