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Northwestern Buffett Institute for Global Affairs

Northwestern Buffett Institute for Global Affairs

We believe that relationships fuel knowledge.

Northwestern Buffett is developing solutions to global challenges by building robust, sustainable, transformative relations—among individuals and institutions, globally and locally—in which engagement with foreignness is the engine of our creativity.

The new genius is a collaborative genius.

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Areas of Focus

Northwestern Buffett is enhancing the global reach of research and bringing together the brightest minds around the world to solve critical global challenges that cannot be addressed from a singular disciplinary or geographical perspective.

A rapid, creative, and iterative approach helps groups produce ideas that move past recommending incremental changes toward creating substantive solutions.

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Northwestern Buffett is creating a new model of international collaboration through an alliance of global universities. This alliance offers a promising example of leadership in a world in which no single nation or institution can lead by itself.

Universities serve a role in their local communities as sites of open dialogue where members can discuss areas of critical concern. Global university partnerships expand this dialogue exponentially, helping universities accommodate individual institutional gaps in diversity, resources, and reach.

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petra in jordanWe have consolidated several global offices on campus, allowing for new learning and research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as enhanced services for our international students, scholars, and faculty.

In doing so, we have an unprecedented opportunity to increase Northwestern’s global strength and presence and to amplify our impact on our students, faculty, staff, and the world.

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Supporting the University’s global vision

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We offer shared spaces for diverse groups to navigate the challenges of tackling complex problems. A rapid, creative, and iterative approach helps incubate ideas and transcends reflection to produce substantive solutions.

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With a slate of monthly topics, the Meridian 180 platform is a multilingual forum with a global membership of 1000+ leaders in academia, government, and business generating ideas and guidance on important problems of our time. Conversation takes place in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

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Upcoming Events

Armchair Discussion With Ambassador William Burns: A Memoir of American Diplomacy and the Case for Its Renewal

12:00 PM - 1:15 PM, 1800 Sherman Avenue

Decorated American Diplomat William Burns to Speak at Buffett Institute on Feb. 25 Ambassador William J. Burns, Presiden...

Visiting Professor Lecture with Professor Anthony Fung: “Culture as Logistics: Infrastructure, Power, and China”

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM, 1800 Sherman Avenue

This lecture explores and elucidates – under an era of digitalization and an advanced mode of capitalism or planned capi...