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Northwestern Buffett Institute for Global Affairs

Active Global Working Groups

Our groups are comprised of diverse global scholars, policymakers, and stakeholders – from seven countries. Northwestern faculty participants and graduate student participants are shared below.

Banking and Finance

What innovations can address the public’s loss of trust in the existing financial instruments and institutions? As societies become more digitized, policymakers must promote the more efficient digital banks and currencies while also ensuring consumer security. In successfully addressing the challenge, this group could contribute to a restored balance between safety and efficiency of the financial system in the new digital environment.

Bruce Carruthers

John D. MacArthur Chair and Professor of Sociology, Weinberg

Sarit Markovich

Clinical Associate Professor of Strategy, Kellog

Ameet Morjaria

Assistant Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences, Kellogg

Stephen Craig Nelson

Associate Professor of Political Science, Weinberg

Şeyma Kabaoğlu

Graduate Assistant Researcher, PhD Anthropology

Gender Justice and Digital Life

The Gender Justice group challenges the normalization of gender-based violence and inequalities, apathy and inertia around gender justice, but especially in the digital realm. In an environment where technology and data are privately owned, neither individuals nor companies are held legally accountable for gender discrimination. The group strives to contribute to an increased awareness about gender abuse online, and create a future community centered around gender-equitable technology and practices.

Colleen Johnston

Office of Equity, Title IX Coordinator and Director, Sexual Misconduct Response & Resources

Sekile Nzinga-Johnson

Director, Women’s Center

Jelena Jelušić

Graduate Assistant Researcher, PhD Screen Cultures Program

Isabella Ostos Campo

Graduate Assistant Researchers, MFA Documentary Media