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Northwestern Buffett Institute for Global Affairs

Threatened, Displaced or At-Risk Scholars

Northwestern faculty members wishing to support a threatened, displaced or at-risk scholar may apply for funding and resources using this application. This fund from the Buffett Institute is intended to supplement funds from other Northwestern departments and/or externally funded fellowships to generate a salary for the visitor that meets university standards. This fund is not intended for Research Visitors, who are not employees of the university and are unpaid. You can apply here to host a research visitor.

Outside organizations that support threatened, displaced or at-risk visiting scholars include:

Applications are open on a rolling basis until funds are depleted.



This application is open to all Northwestern faculty members.

Review Criteria

The grant is open to scholars at risk in any geographic region. The committee will consider representation of scholars at risk at Northwestern across geographic regions and disciplines in making award decisions, and priority will be given to applicants who have received outside funding that requires institutional matching.

Application Details

Applicants must complete the Northwestern Buffett application. You may review a PDF of the full application before applying.

The application requires the Northwestern faculty or administrator to submit the scholar’s most updated CV and a personal statement from the scholar that provides a clear and detailed account of the threats or risks they are facing, and the reasons they cannot continue their work in their home country [up to 500 words]. If the scholar is unable to complete this, the faculty host may elaborate elsewhere in the application.

A committee composed of members of Buffett’s Global and Faculty Advisory Councils will review applications and provide recommendations to Northwestern Buffett’s Interim Executive Director Deborah Cohen, who approves requests. Buffett will notify applicants of decisions within four weeks.