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Northwestern Buffett Institute for Global Affairs

Our Impact

Northwestern Buffett breaks down the logistical questions about the world's toughest problems.

Our research model brings faculty together to discuss and collaborate on specific global problems.

Idea Dialogues and Incubation Workshops can be the starting point for future collaborations and impactful research. Explore some of the dialogues facilitated by Northwestern Buffett.

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Can social media rebuild journalistic freedom around the world?

Faculty from across Northwestern convened to discuss censorship, propaganda and the persecution of journalists abroad. The dialogue sparked future research on social media and state-run media. 

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flooded community

Can marginalized communities reverse the environmental challenges that impact them?

Our working group, Disproportionate Impacts of Environmental Challenges, will be exploring these questions. The group completed our Idea Incubation Workshop and is the recipient of two years of research support.

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We are seeking new collaborators to solve these problems.

Northwestern Buffett breaks down the logistic and institutional barriers to meaningful collaboration and expands the conversation.

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