GESI 2016 students and community members in the Nakanyonyi SACCO backyard

Global Engagement at the Buffett Institute

The Buffett Institute’s innovative global engagement programs prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to collaborate for social change and lead lives of responsible global engagement.

Our global engagement programming was created in response to undergraduates’ desires to understand global challenges through an academic lens, and then put that learning into action. The result is an interconnected set of initiatives across several key areas:

Think of them as a set of building blocks. We provide you the materials, tools, and support to build the international experience you envision. Each block is designed to build upon the others for you to engage globally according to your schedule, major, and passion.

Whether you want to study abroad, perform research that directly applies to your field of study, intern in another country, or meet professionals in the global development field, there is no singular way to take advantage of the undergraduate initiatives at the Buffett Institute.