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Northwestern Buffett Institute for Global Affairs

Breaking Boundaries Podcast

Innovators. Trail Blazers. Boundary Breakers. These are the people you will meet on the Breaking Boundaries podcast.

The ideas shaping the modern world are generated by connections across fields, sectors and geographies. Our new "Breaking Boundaries" podcast features stories of successful collaborations fueling progress toward reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Episodes will spotlight idea catalysts and innovators working across borders of all kinds to address complex global challenges ranging from the climate crisis and food insecurity to poverty and inequality.

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Universities and the Climate Crisis

Universities are uniquely positioned to take action on climate change. Experts John Robinson of the University of Toronto, and Jennifer Dunn of Northwestern University, discuss how to change the institutional culture of universities to make sustainability an essential component of operations as well as research and education missions.

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Infrastructure and the Climate Crisis

Building new and necessary infrastructure while complying with sustainability agendas and agreements is a challenge that must be met in the next decade. Kate Newman, Vice President for Sustainable Infrastructure and Public Sector Initiatives at the World Wildlife Fund, and Jim Hambleton of Northwestern University, discuss the paths forward to make sustainable infrastructure a priority.  

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Law and the Climate Crisis

Righting injustices in energy and climate change regulation is an important part of addressing the global climate crisis. Hari Osofsky, Dean of Northwestern University’s Pritzker School of Law, talks about working with business, government and nonprofit leaders to make bipartisan progress on climate, energy and equity issues.

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Economics and the Climate Crisis

Economic growth at expense of the environment is no longer an option. Chris Canavan, Chair of the Board of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, talks about how an outdated economic structure is endangering our planet and new approaches that could save it.

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