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Northwestern Buffett Institute for Global Affairs

Global Connections Seed Grants

COVID-19 Update: Given limitations on international and domestic travel, Northwestern Buffett currently invites applications for any research and collaboration activities that speak to global issues.
The Northwestern Buffett Global Connections Seed Grant supports efforts to initiate or explore new faculty research and engagement opportunities. These grants are designed to help seed new or strengthen existing relationships with international collaborators, whether individuals, academic institutions, or community organizations. Northwestern faculty and staff may propose projects or programs rooted in research, service, or international development. Projects might be grounded in community needs and partnership; advance interdisciplinary collaborative research; or pursue innovative methodologies for data collection, analysis, interpretation, and/or dissemination.

APply here for our Global Connections Seed Grant

The maximum award is $10,000, and applicants are limited to one Global Connections Seed Grant annually. This is a seed award intended to explore the potential for a future collaboration or to lay the groundwork for a new academic relationship or project.

Applications are due October 15, March 15, and June 15.

Awarded grants must be used within one year, and recipients must submit a report upon completed use of the award funds. Recipients should also find a time to meet with a Northwestern Buffett staff member to discuss the outcome or progress of the initiative that the grant supported.

Northwestern faculty,* whether applying individually, in partnership with another faculty or staff member, or as a representative of a specific Northwestern program, department, or group.

Priority will be given to first-time applicants.

*Faculty must be full-time, benefits-eligible, tenure-line or clinical/instructional

The grant is open to any geographical region or potential collaboration. Preference is given to initiatives that can contribute to building institutional or community-based relationships and/or advancing impactful global research. Proposed projects should engage one or more UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Proposed projects, programs, or other activities must align with Northwestern’s Principles of Ethical Practice. 

These awards may not be used to:

  • Support the continuation of established ongoing relationships or projects
  • Purchase research equipment
  • Cover faculty salaries or living expenses

Applicants must complete the Northwestern Buffett application. Be sure to include a concise description of the planned activities, previous engagements with the proposed global collaborator, and a detailed and current budget.

A committee organized by the Buffett Institute will decide on awards and notify winners.

You may review a pdf of the full application before applying.