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Russia's War on Ukraine: Events, Media and Commentary

We're N this togetherWe're N this together

At Northwestern Buffett, we're asking hard questions...

  1. Can social media rebuild journalistic freedom?
  2. Can marginalized communities reverse the environmental challenges that impact them

... and we're finding new partners to help answer them.

  1. Can universities across the world partner to solve today's toughest problems?
  2. Can students build a grassroots movement to improve health around the world?

The new genius is a collaborative genius. Discover the ways Buffett is bringing teams together to solve complex problems.

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We believe that relationships – among individuals and institutions, globally and locally – can fuel knowledge and develop solutions to global challenges.

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Northwestern University’s Roberta Buffett Institute for Global Affairs brings together the brightest minds from across Northwestern University and around the world to address critical global challenges that cannot be solved from a singular disciplinary or geographic perspective. Our mission is to foster meaningful engagement across borders of all kinds. We create opportunities for dialogue across academic disciplines—the humanities, social sciences, business, law, medicine, the arts and more—and catalyze connections between researchers and experts from government, industry, nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations worldwide.

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Northwestern student reflects on her experiences and lessons learned traveling to Antarctica

Northwestern Buffett recently sat down with Northwestern senior Sherry Xue (School of Communication, ’22) to discuss her experiences and lessons learned traveling to Antarctica as part of the 2041 Climate Force Arctic Expedition in March. In this conversation, Sherry told us about the steps she took to prepare for the trip, the inspiring conversations she had with other program participants, how the experience impacted the way she thinks about climate change, and how it influenced her personal and professional plans.


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