Supplemental Research/Travel Grants

2016 grant winner Kelsey Pukelis

The Buffett Institute encourages undergraduate involvement in the intellectual life of the University and around the world.

The Buffett Supplemental Research/Travel Grants program is designed to provide supplemental funding to Northwestern undergraduates to complete or enhance research, internships, project work, or other non-traditional experiences. Students may also use it toward travel to present their research at a professional conference in their field.

Buffett supplemental grants are awarded up to $2,000.


  • Applicants must have already been awarded a primary grant such as an Undergraduate Research Grant or Weinberg grant for research
  • Only proposals including international travel expenses will be considered.
  • The focus of the proposed activity must be relevant to contemporary global issues.
  • Grant cannot be used towards program fees or tuition for study abroad, internship, or volunteer programs.

In order for your proposal to be considered, it must be submitted by November 5 (for academic year opportunities) or May 5 (for summer opportunities). Create a FluidReview account to apply online today.

Buffett International Supplemental Grant FAQs

Where do students receive primary funding?

We provide supplemental funding for applicants having received primary awards from organizations/institutes both within NU and from external donors.

Some examples of NU-funded primary grants we have supplemented include, but are not limited to: ISEN Resnick Grant, Norman Design Fund, Weinberg Summer Grants, Summer Undergraduate Research Grant, Summer Internship Grant Program, and Undergraduate Language Grant. 

What makes a good proposal?

A good proposal should clearly explain the purpose, objectives, activities and anticipated outcomes of your project. It should also outline the group members involved in your project (if any) and demonstrate relevance to contemporary global social, political, economic or environmental issues, international development, and/or human rights. 

What are expected deliverables?

Following the completion of the project, you are required to submit a reflection report of no more than two pages. You may also send an optional thank-you message to the award donor and complete an optional evaluation form. 

A reflection report should contain a summary of your experience while abroad. There is no set format for how to write a reflection report and we look forward to hearing about your experiences as told from your point of view.

Can I apply as part of a group, and will the funds cover both NU and non-NU group members?

If applying as a group, each NU group member must individually submit a Buffett Supplemental Research/Travel Grants application on FluidReview but may use the same shared two-page proposal as other group members. Please note that we do not fund non-NU group members.

When do I get awarded the money from the grant after my confirmation?

All grants awarded before the 10th of the month are funded at the end of that same month through NU payroll, provided students have completed all necessary payroll paperwork and completed their pre-departure travel requirements through the Office of Global Safety and Security (OGSS). All grants awarded after the 10th of the month are funded in the next payroll cycle, which is the end of the following month. 

How many times can I apply for the Buffett International Supplemental Grant?

Students are eligible to apply and receive the Buffett Supplemental Grant multiple times up to the $2000 cap. A student can only receive a total of $2000 for the duration of their undergraduate study at NU.

For all other questions, email Catherine Miano.