Turkish Studies


Associate Director

Ayça Alemdaroğlu

Dr. Alemdaroğlu (PhD, Cambridge, 2011) is the associate director of the Keyman Program and research assistant professor in sociology and Middle East and North African studies. Her areas of interest include youth culture, gender and sexuality, constructions of space and place, experiences of modernity, nationalism, eugenics, and higher education.

Keyman Visiting Professor

Leyla Neyzi

Dr. Neyzi (PhD, Cornell University, 1991) is visiting professor at Keyman. She is based at Sabanci University in Istanbul. Her areas of interest include oral history, memory studies, European and Middle Eastern ethnography, nationalism and minorities, transnational youth and social movements.

Keyman Postdoctoral Fellow

Sinan Erensü

Dr. Erensü (PhD, University of Minnesota, 2016) is Keyman's postdoctoral fellow. His interests lie in the fields of critical development studies, political economy, urban and rural theory, and political ecology with a particular focus on landscapes and infrastructures of energy. 

Keyman Visiting Scholars

Senem Yildirim-Ozdem

Dr. Ozdem (PhD, Bilkent University, 2011) is a Keyman visiting scholar. She is an assistant professor at Antalya AKEV University. Her research mainly focuses on the public-private divide in contemporary political theory, the gendered nature of this dichotomy, and the concepts of social, political, and civil society.

Hüseyin Levent Köker

Dr. Köker (PhD, Ankara university, 1987) is a Keyman research associate. He is currently working on a critical re-interpretation of constitutional politics in Turkey, Köker’s research interests include constitution-making and post-national constitutionalism, democratic political theory, secularism, nationalism, multiculturalism, and cosmopolitanism.