Past Buffett Award winners

2016 Buffett Award winner: Khalida Brohi

Khalida Brohi giving the inaugural Buffett Award LectureKhalida is the founder of Sughar Empowerment Society, a nonprofit organization that provides socioeconomic opportunities to rural and tribal women of Pakistan.

Khalida launched the Sughar Empowerment Society in 2009 to fight against such customs and restrictions on women. She declared the word "Sughar," meaning skilled and confident woman, ought to be used for every single woman in Pakistan, as each one of them has the skills and confidence to help them succeed. The Sughar Empowerment Society seeks to provide opportunities for these women, including resources to create and sustain rural, woman-owned businesses.

With the successful launch of her nonprofit, Khalida’s plans for the next 10 years are to change the lives of one million women in Pakistan. Learn more about Khalida.

Other nominees:

  • Julie Carney: co-founder of Gardens for Health International (GHI), an organization that provides seeds, tree seedlings and small livestock to patients at public health centers in Rwanda. 
  • Alan Hurt: founder and Chief Lighting Officer of Light Up Africa, an organization that works in the renewable energy sector and helps improve access to energy for those living in the developing world. 
  • Anoop Jain: founding director of Sanitation and Health Rights in India, a nonprofit organization that works to improve sanitation infrastructure and health education in India. 
  • Shiza Shahid: CEO and co-founder of the Malala Fund, helping the organization award more than half a million dollars in grants supporting girls’ education throughout the world.