Buffett alums

Keep in Touch!

We are building out the Buffett Institute alum network! Take a moment to reconnect with the Buffett Institute and update us with your current contact information

You are always welcome to attend events at the Buffett Institute, so if you are ever in the area, please feel free to join! You can sign up to receive the weekly events digest to stay up to date on opportunities.

Volunteer Committees

In an effort to grow and galvanize Buffett Institute–affiliated communities, we established alum committees in Chicago and the San Francisco Bay area to coordinate activities that not only link alums to each other but also back to the people, programs, and activities of the Buffett Institute.

Buffett alums in Oakland

As we expand the network, we want to bring alum communities together in cities with significant populations of graduates, current students, and friends. We look forward to engaging our alums across the globe! Next up are New York and Washington, DC.