Global Partnership Funds

About this grant

Sustained partnerships between Northwestern University and foreign universities and academic institutions are an important vehicle for global exchanges of ideas, persons, and perspectives. Beyond what can be accomplished by a single event (like a conference) or trip (as when a faculty member visits another campus), durable partnerships enable long-term intellectual benefits that can only unfold with the establishment of trust and inclusive familiarity. Partnership funds are intended to support those durable partnerships that have proved fruitful in the past or which possess unusual promise in the future.

Funds will be made available on a selective basis to support ongoing partnerships and collaborations between existing Buffett-affiliated interdisciplinary research groups and foreign universities and academic research institutes.

Award details

Up to $25,000 per group per year; renewable.

Funds may not be used to cover faculty salaries or living expenses, but can defray travel costs, conference expenses, and similar expenditures related to sustained, collaborative academic activities that speak to global, international or comparative issues.


Open to existing Buffett-affiliated research groups, centers, and programs.

Application details 

The application deadline is April 1.

Whole or partial applications submitted via personal email or other methods will not be accepted. 


At this time we are not accepting special application requests for this program.

General questions can be sent to