Funding and Grants

The Buffett Institute supports research and engagement around the globe. In addition to funding research projects, travel, and fellowships, we support student groups focused on solving global problems.

Spring quarter deadlines

◼ indicates the opportunity is for undergraduates, ⬥ for graduate students, ▲ for faculty

April 1

Graduate Student Organized Conference ⬥
This grant funds a two- or three-day graduate studentinitiated and organized conference on an international or comparative topic with relevance to contemporary political, economic or social issues. 

Working Group Proposals ▲
Buffett Institute working groups establish and maintain communities of Northwestern scholars engaged in sustained scholarly activities around shared research interests. Groups must be interdisciplinary.

Big Ideas Proposals
The Buffett Institute intends to build a set of unique, large-scale, multi-year research programs on topics of long-term significance that engage important global challenges. We seek faculty proposals that address “big ideas” with the potential of transforming scholarly activity at Northwestern and beyond.

Global Partnership Funds ▲
Funds will be made available on a selective basis to support ongoing partnerships and collaborations between existing Buffett-affiliated interdisciplinary research groups and foreign universities and academic research institutes.

Edited Volume Conference
Edited Volume Conferences are designed to produce significant publications on cutting edge, interdisciplinary research. Proposals must be interdisciplinary and include at least two Northwestern faculty members and at least one external collaborator.

April 4

Buffett International Summer Internship Grant Program (SIGP) ◼
The Buffett Institute is partnering with the Summer Internship Grant Program (SIGP) to expand opportunities for international internships for undergraduates that facilitate career exploration, experiential learning, and research, regardless of financial resources.

April 15

Scholars in Israel Collaboration Fund ▲
The Scholars in Israel Collaboration Fund provides support for new or existing project collaborations between Northwestern faculty, scholars, and artists and their counterparts at any of the nine accredited research universities in Israel.

May 1

Crown Family Middle East Research Travel Grant ◼⬥▲
The Crown family supports this award, which funds travel for research projects in the Middle East. Preference is given to applicants who will collaborate with institutions and colleagues in the region.

Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Research Grant ◼⬥▲
The Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Program supports this grant for individual or group research projects in modern Turkish studies. Projects collaborating with Turkish institutions and colleagues will be given priority.

Graduate Student Dissertation Research Travel Awards ⬥
Graduate Student Dissertation Research Awards provide funding for fieldwork outside the United States. The award is for Northwestern doctoral students writing dissertations on comparative and international topics relevant to important contemporary political, economic, and social issues.

Manuscript Revision Conference Award ▲
The Buffett Institute invites untenured tenure-line faculty to submit applications for funding to stage a small conference on a topic directly relevant to the applicant’s primary research. The purpose of the grant is to give junior faculty the opportunity to gain exposure to experts in their field, to receive pre-publication comments and feedback on late-stage book manuscripts, or otherwise to improve their research with input from leading figures.

May 5

Supplemental Research/Travel Grants ◼
The Buffett Supplemental Research/Travel Grants program is designed to provide supplemental funding to Northwestern undergraduates to complete or enhance research, internships, project work, or other non-traditional experiences. Students may also use it toward travel to present their research at a professional conference in their field.