Turkish Studies


2018 Keyman Conference: Education in Turkey2018 keyman conference portrait collage

Youth and education are central to political contestations in today’s Turkey. Among issues generating concern among stakeholders are frequent changes in schools, curricula, and examination systems; the rapid expansion of religious schools; commercialization of education at all levels of schooling; the disjuncture between curricula and labor market needs; challenges to critical thinking and academic freedom; and the dismissal of thousands of teachers and university professors from their jobs for political reasons. The 2018 Keyman Conference examined the state of ongoing transformation and political contentions in education in Turkey. 

2017 Keyman Conference: Law and Politics in Turkey2017 conference group picture

For three days in October, scholars from North America, Europe and Turkey discussed law and politics in Turkey in the context of democratic backslide at the 2017 Keyman Conference. We thank all the presenters including our keynote speakers Asli Bali (UCLA), Larry Diamond (Stanford) and Hakan Topal (SUNY) for their participation! 

2016 Keyman Conference: Historical and Comparative Perspectives on Kurdish Politics

The Kurds are one of the world’s largest ethnic groups without a state, constituting sizable minorities in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

They have recently become prominent in world politics due to their fight against the Islamic State in the midst of Syria’s civil war. Yet until now, their history has largely been one of marginalization, oppression, and resistance across borders.

This international conference brought together cutting-edge research examining the last hundred years of Kurdish existence in the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic in a historical and comparative perspective. Read more on the 2016 Keyman Conference here.