Kurdish Studies Conference

Serbest Kurdish Studies Conference 
Buffett Institute for Global Studies
June 7–8, 2019
Northwestern University


Please save the date for the second annual Kurdish Studies Conference. The Kurdish Studies Conference series supports the production and dissemination of knowledge and to strengthen the network of scholars in Kurdish Studies.

The conference convenes annually to discuss the experiences and struggles of Kurds, and the historical and comparative study of Kurdish politics, society, and culture.

Inspired by postcolonial, indigenous, and critical race studies, there has been a growing interest among Kurdish Studies scholars on topics such as racialized citizenship, colonial state power, anti-colonial struggles, and the right to self-determination. However, Kurdish Studies as a field has not yet established a solid dialogue with these literatures. Nor has it fully benefitted from historical experiences around the world, which led to the development of these literatures in the first place.

In an effort to foster such dialogue and open up the field of Kurdish Studies, the 2019 Serbest Kurdish Studies Conference aims to bring together scholars who are enthusiastic to contribute to a comparative discussion of Kurdish, South African, and Palestinian experiences. Read more in the Call for Papers.

This conference is made possible by the generous support of Northwestern alumnus Metin Serbest, Esq. (Law '05).