Global Humanities Initiative

Global Humanities Translation Prize

The Global Humanities Initiative and Northwestern University Press have created the $5,000 Global Humanities Translation Prize for translators.

Northwestern University Press will publish the winning work, which will be selected annually by a rotating committee of distinguished international scholars, writers and public intellectuals.

The Global Humanities Translation Prize recognizes writing that strikes a nuanced balance of scholarly rigor, aesthetic grace, and general readability, especially those that introduce a wider audience to:

  • Underrepresented and experimental literary voices from marginalized communities
  • Humanistic scholarship in infrequently translated languages
  • Important classical texts in non-Western traditions and languages

“Our goal is to bring much-needed attention not only to the rich humanistic traditions of the non-West, but also to the relevance of those traditions for global development and public policy,” Laura Brueck, Global Humanities Initiative director, said.

“It places Northwestern University at the center of a vital international conversation about the continuing role of the humanities in building a more just, tolerant and humane 21st century,” added director Rajeev Kinra.

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