Deportation Research Clinic


Founding Director

Director: Jacqueline Stevens, Professor, Political Science and Legal Studies

Clinic Team

Program Assistant: Charles Clarke

Project Manager: Kelby Schuetz

Research Assistants: Click here for a full list of our research assistants


In primary collaboration with civil rights attorney R. Andrew Free, Nashville, TN. Free's practice emphasizes government transparency and accountability. Free handles the Clinic's FOIA litigation and represents selected U.S. citizens with deportation orders who have contacted the Clinic, many on a pro bono basis.

Other collaborators include Northwestern Law School's Bluhm Legal Clinic and Clinical Associate Professor J. Samuel Tenenbaum; Cardozo Law School Kathryn O. Greenberg Immigration Justice Clinic, Clinical Teaching Fellow Andrea Saenz; and Mark Fleming, Litigation Director, National Immigrant Justice Center.

Stevens is being represented in her civil rights lawsuit against the immigration judge in Atlanta who deported Mark Lyttle, William Cassidy, and other top officials at the Executive Office of Immigration Review, by Bruce Brown and Ray Lerer.