Faculty Fellows

About this fellowship

Full-time, tenure-line Northwestern faculty with core research interests in global, international or comparative research are invited to apply for a Faculty Fellow position with the Buffett Institute.

Award details

Subject to the approval of their department chair or school dean, Buffett Faculty Fellows will receive a one-course reduction in their normal teaching load for up to three years. These reductions are potentially renewable contingent on research productivity and sustained involvement in Buffett Institute research activities.

Faculty fellows are expected to offer intellectual leadership in the development of sustained research excellence within the Buffett Institute, and its affiliated research groups and workshops.


Open to full-time tenure-line Northwestern faculty.

Faculty who currently receive teaching reductions because of other Northwestern research affiliations (e.g., with IPR, Kaplan, or the ABF), or who will otherwise be on leave, are ineligible.

Application details

The annual application deadline is November 1. Decisions will be announced in early December.

Apply online using the Buffett Institute FluidReview Application.

Applications must include the following:

  • A two-page summary of the applicant’s core research interests, including current projects, and an explanation of relevance to contemporary global, international, or comparative issues. Is the applicant currently participating in any of the Buffett working groups or research groups, and how would release time further those activities?
  • Applicant’s current CV.
  • Applicant’s current teaching load, and the normal teaching load in the applicant’s home department.
  • Applicants must have prior permission of their department chair or school dean to seek a reduction in their teaching load.


If you are having difficulties with the application system, contact FluidReview support at support@fluidreview.com.

Email Katherine Hapeman with questions about the fellowship.