Working with a non-Buffett affiliated organization

Our partners around the world propose research questions to help them achieve developmental objectives, but we also welcome proposals and research topics of your own choosing. 

If your proposed research partner is not a pre‐approved Buffett global partner, you must, in addition to your application, submit:

  • A two‐page proposal introducing partner organization and outlining research
  • Letter from your proposed partner organization supervisor outlining scope of research and partnership
  • Faculty letter of recommendation


A strong letter from the partner organization answers the following questions:

  • RESEARCH QUESTION: What is the research question you want the Fellow to explore with you? If you are planning to explore more than one question--or if you have a few possibilities but haven't yet narrowed down--feel free to describe multiple questions.
  • METHODS: What methods will the Fellow use to conduct research? (e.g., interviews, focus groups, participant-observation, etc.) How will the Fellow go about conducting the research? (e.g. you will introduce the Fellow to people and they will go talk to them, you will go together;etc.)
  • ANALYSIS: Who will be involved in analyzing/interpreting the research? (e.g., along the way, after all data is collected) When and how will it be analyzed? (e.g. with a staff research mentor, with resident stakeholders, etc.)
  • SHARING FINDINGS: How will findings be shared? (e.g., in written report, presented to community, etc.)
  • ACTIONS: What types of actions do you anticipate might be taken as a result of this research project?