Big Ideas Proposals

We have paused this grant while we conduct a review of our funding. We are not accepting applications at this time.


About this grant

The Buffett Institute is building a set of unique, large-scale, multi-year research programs on topics of significance that address important global challenges. To initiate development of such programs, we seek faculty proposals that address “big ideas” with the potential of transforming scholarly activity at Northwestern and beyond.

We encourage bold, ambitious proposals that ask new questions or produce new and better understandings of global questions and challenges. Proposals should present a plan for how the development of this research program could occur over time, defining not only what applicants aspire to accomplish with sufficient resources, but also specifying what activities are proposed in each year of the project, and explaining how these culminate in the overall research goals.

Proposals should be interdisciplinary and are encouraged to integrate and engage the full range of resources that the Buffett Institute can provide, including research or conference funding, visiting scholars, postdocs, course release time, and other types of programmatic support. Be sure to describe the types of research outputs that are envisioned from the program.

Award details

Up to $50,000 per year for up to three years, renewable


Open to full-time, tenure-line Northwestern faculty


Contact Katherine Hapeman.