Supplemental Research/Travel Grants

The Buffett Institute encourages undergraduate involvement in the intellectual life of the University and around the world.

The Buffett Supplemental Research/Travel Grants program is designed to provide supplemental funding to Northwestern undergraduates to complete or enhance research, internships, project work, or other non-traditional experiences. Students may also use it toward travel to present their research at a professional conference in their field.

Buffett supplemental grants are awarded up to $2,000. Applicants who have already been awarded grants offered by Northwestern such as Undergraduate Research Grants and Weinberg grants for research will be given priority. The focus of the proposed activity must be relevant to contemporary global issues.

In order for your proposal to be considered it must be submitted by November 5 or May 5. Create a FluidReview account to apply online today.

Email Emory Erker-Lynch with any questions.