An invoice is a statement provided by a vendor that contains a list of goods sent or services provided, with a statement of the balance due.

NOTE: All invoices must be TAX EXEMPT. Invoices are to be paid by charging the group’s chartstring. Personal funds are NEVER to be used to make a payment.

Vendor Direct Bill (Preferred method of payment for all goods and services) 

  • Invoice (catering, services, supplies, hotel, etc…) must include:
    • Vendor contact information (include remit address)
    • Invoice number
    • Date of service
    • Amount due
    • Due date
    • Description of list of goods sent or services provided
  • Event flier or email invitation
  • Indication of group to be charged or chartstring number
  • For food-related invoices, provide a list of attendees and/or total headcount

NU Direct Bill (Harris room rental, Sodexo Catering, airline tickets, housing)