Scholarship and Research

The Buffett Institute is always looking to share more information about the work of our groups and its members on our newsletter and website. 

We may share it:

  • Online: If your research has been supported or sponsored by the Buffett Institute in any way, we can include a short write-up of your work on our website. Recently completed or otherwise timely research garners the most traffic online.
  • In print: Content varies from quarter to quarter, but we dedicate a substantial portion of our print newsletter to recent books and articles published by our affiliates. Additionally, we sometimes include short summaries of recent research, and list awards and TV/radio appearances in our Affiliate News section. Your co-investigators or collaborators do not have to be Buffett affiliates to be included. 
  • Via social media.
However, we can only publicize what we know about. Please send news and updates on your scholarship and research to Holly Worthy and Laura Hayes.