Meridian 180 begins programming at Northwestern

January 25, 2019


The Meridian 180 program arrived at the Buffett Institute last fall and is rolling out new initiatives for winter and spring. Led by the Institute’s Global Collaboration team, the program brings together a cross-section of global thought leaders and scholars from all industries and disciplines to work to solve complex global challenges.

Meridian Forums are an innovative venue for shared learning and collaboration among Meridian 180 members. Members—made up of global leaders, innovators, and experts—participate in digital forums to explore critical risks and opportunities for crisis preparedness in key focus areas. 

“Meridian Forums are a testing ground for ideas and an opportunity to gather perspectives from scholars, practitioners, and experts around the world,” says Julie Petrie, director of global collaboration. “Our goal is to have great minds connect and initiate a collaborative exchange that leads to interpersonal or university exchange, in-person group activities, long-term research plans, and concrete action steps designed to impact critical global challenges.”

The next digital forum, Democracy and Truth, opens on February 4. Throughout February, participants will reflect upon different notions of truth and the ways in which they influence, undermine, and strengthen democracy around the world. Learn more about the February forum.

“The Meridian 180 forums are a unique venue for facilitating engaging discussion, and ‘Democracy and Truth’ is an exciting and crucial topic that grows more relevant by the day,” says Buffett Institute Executive Director Annelise Riles, who is co-leading the forum.“Many outstanding global scholars and experts will be participating in what I’m sure will be a lively month-long conversation.”

Read previous forum summaries on the Meridian 180 website.

Are you interested in participating in an upcoming forum? Contact Ariel Schwartz, senior program coordinator, global collaboration at the Buffett Institute, at