Why study abroad with GESI in the fall?

February 4, 2016

Many students know us for our summer program, but did you know we also send students abroad for 10 weeks during the fall? There are some reasons that fall can be a better option for many students. Participating in Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI) during the fall may be a great option for you! 

Here’s what you probably already know about GESI:

  • GESI is a unique, credit-bearing program that combines service-learning, study abroad, cultural immersion, and invaluable international work experience at dynamic, community-based organizations.
  • Our sites offer incredible opportunities for students interested in public health, preserving the environment, microfinance, human rights, education, and more.

Here’s what you should know about doing GESI in the fall:

  • Earn 4 Northwestern credits: 3 credits in international studies, 1 in SESP. Talk to your advisor about how you can apply these towards the regional or thematic clusters for your major or minor.
  • Save money by going abroad with GESI in the fall instead of staying on campus. The program fee for GESI in the fall is equal to Northwestern tuition, but it includes room and board. For students on financial aid and for students paying full tuition, it can make good financial sense!
  • Fall is the most popular term for study abroad at Northwestern. And for good reason! You can spend the summer at home or participate in an internship, job, or research before spending the fall abroad, Arthur, a fall GESI participant, in Indiathen make it back in time for winter break.
  • Experience small-group learning with Northwestern faculty members and practitioners of global development. Before you go, you’ll find yourself in an intimate learning environment where you’ll be part of discussions with professors and professional mentors, rather than in large lecture halls.
  • Spend a full 10 weeks in India, Kenya, or our newest location, Guatemala. GESI alums often reach out to us suggesting that we make the summer program longer (summer is an 8-week program). Doing GESI in the fall is a great way to spend more time collaborating with community partners.

Here’s what really matters:

This post has been full of things you should know about how GESI can benefit you. But what really sets GESI apart is that it isn’t about you.

GESI is a program that puts communities at the center of global development. The focus is on local knowledge, community voice, ethical international engagement, and building meaningful relationships with people abroad. By participating in GESI, you’ll be part of a movement to change the way that undergraduates participate in learning abroad.

Ready to take the next step?

Visit gesi.northwestern.edu for GESI participants’ stories, past projects, logistical information, and to apply.

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