A Message to the Buffett Community

May 17, 2016

With the transformation of the Buffett Center for International and Comparative Studies into the Buffett Institute for Global Studies last year, we have set out on a path together to strengthen the Institute’s impact within and beyond the University, and to position it to play a leading role at Northwestern University. As an Institute, Buffett is able to organize and support an array of centers, each with its own global theme; to catalyze and nurture research collaborations on major global topics with expertise from fields across the University; and to connect faculty and students to organizations and individuals beyond Northwestern.

Last year we had asked the very capable directors of Buffett – Bruce Carruthers, the Director and John D. MacArthur Professor of Sociology, and Brian Hanson, Director of Programs, Research, and Strategic Planning – to move ahead to deploy the new resources of the Buffett Institute, but only for short-term commitments. We will now work directly with Bruce and Brian to consider longer-term strategies for how best to grow the Institute to achieve broader engagement across the University, to develop the most ambitious portfolio of scholarly and educational projects, and to enhance our global impact. We will begin this work by convening a series of conversations with key faculty and other stakeholders to identify the most compelling directions to move Buffett and Northwestern into the top ranks of global studies institutions. We expect to initiate these discussions this quarter and look forward to engaging with faculty in this important endeavor.

Daniel Linzer, Provost
Jay Walsh, Vice President for Research