Brian Hanson to join the Chicago Council on Global Affairs after 12 years at the Buffett Institute

June 10, 2016

Brian HansonAfter 12 years of leadership at the Buffett Institute, Brian Hanson, director of programs, research, and strategic planning, will be leaving Northwestern to become Vice President of Studies at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

“Those who wish him well, and they are legion, will recognize that this is a wonderful opportunity for Brian, and the good will he has earned over many years will follow him to the Council,” says Buffett Director Bruce Carruthers. “His presence there in a leadership role will help develop and enrich the connections between Northwestern University, the Buffett Institute, and the Chicago Council, and so we very much look forward to working together in the future. Brian and I also know that the Buffett Institute itself will continue to grow and flourish because of the abundant talents and dedication of the Buffett staff, and the many ways in which they support our affiliated students and faculty.” 

For over a decade, Brian has helped change the nature and scope of global studies at Northwestern, introducing innovative undergraduate programs while building a diverse network of support for scholars of global studies in Evanston and around the world. Anyone who has been involved in Buffett Institute activities in any capacity will know and recognize him for his enthusiasm and dedication to helping others succeed. 

“In the 12 years I’ve worked with Brian, he has modeled true leadership and has led by example each and every day. I’ve seen first-hand the enormous amount of time and efforts he invested to build the Buffett Institute into the success story that it is today and to create a team to run it, “ says Buffett’s business manager Diana Snyder. “The only thing I’ve never been able to figure out about Brian is how he finds time to do everything and do it so well!

“I thank Brian for being my advocate, mentor, role model, and teacher, and for making himself available anytime. The Chicago Council is very fortunate to have him as their vice president of studies and he will no doubt make a huge impact in that organization as he did here at the Buffett Institute.”  

From 2008–13, Hendrik Spruyt, Norman Dwight Professor of International Relations, served as the Buffett Institute’s director and worked closely with Brian to build what was then known as the Buffett Center into a popular destination for undergraduates and scholars interested in global issues:

“When Brian first assumed office under my predecessor, Andrew Wachtel, the Buffett Center occupied a small office with only a small number of affiliated faculty,” says Spruyt. “Working with the subsequent directors, myself, and now Bruce Carruthers, Brian was instrumental in building the Center to what it is today, with more than 200 faculty affiliates and vastly expanded resources. He was the driving force behind some of Buffett’s flagship programs such as Global Engagement and GlobeMed. He pioneered the field in this area at the national level.

“But perhaps even more impressively, Brian was always there to mentor and talk to the myriad undergraduate groups that sought his wise counsel. (And many a time I relied on his wise counsel as well.) I know I speak for many when I wish him all the best with his next venture.” 

He can now be reached at the Council.

Thank you, Brian!