Buffett funds more than 30 undergrads to research and work abroad this summer

September 22, 2016

This past summer, over 30 Northwestern undergraduates conducted research and/or completed internships in 16 countries with help from grants from the Buffett Institute. This is in addition to the dozens of GESI students who study abroad every year thanks to full and partial scholarships from Buffett. See below for what (and where) they were up to.

Buffett undergraduate grant winners

Buffett International SIGP awards

International internships are an excellent opportunity for students to explore career options and facilitate experiential learning and research. For most students, however, these internships come with a significant and discouraging financial burden. The Buffett Institute has partnered with the Summer Internship Grant Program (SIGP) to create the Buffett International SIGP Award, which provides up to $6,000 in funding so students don’t have to turn down a life-changing summer opportunity for financial reasons. 

In summer 2016, eight recipients of the 2016 Buffett International SIGP awards worked in a range of positions and industries around the world:

  • Brian Cheng (WCAS 2017) Quito, Ecuador: Intern for the World Health Organization
  • Lucero Flores (WCAS 2018) Bangkok, Thailand: Science and engineering intern for Global Nomadic
  • Michelle Kim (Medill 2019) Buenos Aires, Argentina: Intern for CNN
  • Victoria Koin (WCAS 2017) Nairobi, Kenya: Intern for Danamax Investments
  • Ann Ku (McCormick 2017) Hong Kong, China: Human trafficking intern for 852 Freedom Campaign
  • Coretta Lemaitre (WCAS 2017) Freiburg, Germany: Intern for Evangelische Stadtmission’s refugee assistance program
  • Parker Levinson (WCAS 2018) Poconé, Brazil: Ecotourism intern for Southwild Pantanal
  • Timothy Mwiti (McCormick 2019) Nairobi, Kenya: Coding tutor at NaiCode for PACEmaker International

Buffett supplemental grants 

The Buffett supplemental grant supports Northwestern undergraduates who pursue research, internships, project work, or other non-traditional experiences that focus on global issues. Up to $2,000 in supplemental funding is available for each student. 

This year, 22 students received a supplemental grant from Buffett. Their projects and internships are co-funded by programs such as the Undergraduate Research Grant program, Weinberg Research Grants, and other non-Northwestern funding sources.

A few examples of the undergraduate research projects that were funded in part or in full by the Buffett Institute:

  • Cultural assimilation of British Pakistanis
  • The rise of surfing in Senegal
  • What can the Yangtze River Delta learn from London: A historical approach to modern urban air pollution in China
  • Quantitative analysis of Palestinian-Jordanian identity and opinions toward refugees
  • The effects of fair trade on Peruvian coffee farmers
  • Performance and politics in Beijing's queer cultures
CBR fellow Jackie Tang and GESI 2016 students with community members in Uganda

Community-Based Research (CBR) Fellowship 

The CBR Fellowship is a special opportunity for alums of Buffett’s GESI study abroad program to return to GESI locations and conduct research on past and current student work.

This summer, CBR Fellows Heather Budimulia (Medill 2017) and Jackie Tang (Medill 2018) conducted research in Jinja, Uganda, in partnership with the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD).

Learn more about all of the Buffett Institute's funding opportunities for undergraduates here.

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