Global Development Speaker Series Recap

March 12, 2015

As part of its Global Engagement programs, the Buffett Institute hosts the Global Development Speaker Series each quarter. The series is aimed toward an undergraduate audience and hosts prominent leaders and experts on international development, social change, and sustainability. Here are some highlights from the fall 2014 quarter:

  • October 3: Howard W. Buffett (WCAS ‘06) returned to Northwestern to discuss how newer, smarter types of global philanthropy are driving global development. A lecturer at Columbia University, Buffett gave students a firsthand account of his work on food security issues and managing large-scale international philanthropic organizations.
  • October 7: Johannes Haushofer of Princeton came to the Buffett Institute to discuss his research on the psychological effects of poverty and their negative impact on financial decision-making. Students were given an in-depth look into his work on randomized controlled trials of development programs in Kenya.
  • October 13: Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times spoke to a packed Cahn Auditorium about how important it is for students, especially undergraduates, to become engaged with the world around them as a means to achieving positive social global change.
  • October 17: Global Engagement alumni Jonathan Marino (SESP ‘06), Megha Agrawal (SESP ‘10), Ayanna Legros (WCAS ‘13), and Heidi Dessecker (WCAS ‘10) talked to current undergraduate students about how their experiences at the Buffett Institute–from going abroad with the GESI program to organizing conferences through GES and NUCHR–shaped their careers and changed how they look at the world.

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