Congratulations to affiliates on the ASG Faculty Honor Roll

December 15, 2015

Associated Student Government logoEvery year, Northwestern’s Associated Student Government receives nominations from the student body of outstanding professors who go above and beyond their expectations. There were more than 300 nominations this year.

Congratulations to the Buffett Institute affiliates and scholars who made the ASG Faculty Honor Roll:

  • Edward Gibson (political science)
  • Wendy Pearlman (political science)
  • Sean Hanretta (history)
  • Cesar Braga-Pinto (Portugese)
  • Noelle Sullivan (global health)
  • Brian Hanson (international studies)
  • Wendy Espeland (humanities)
  • Rifka Cook (Spanish)
  • Fatima Khan (Arabic)
  • Bruce Spencer (statistics)
  • Dan Lewis (social policy)
  • Saeid Golkar (MENA)
  • Daniel Elam (graduate student affiliate)