Image of Leila Sadat and Daniel Shapiro

The Buffett Institute announces two more Distinguished Visitors in spring 2018

The Buffett Institute will welcome two more Distinguished Visitors for Spring 2018.

Keyman Conference

Keyman program hosts conference to explore Turkey’s recent political turn toward authoritarianism

Attendees discussed the recent political climate of Turkey that threaten the country's democracy, rule of law, and academic freedom.

New research groups at the Buffett Institute

Announcing new programs and global research initiatives at the Buffett Institute

We are pleased to announce the 2016 winners of the Buffett Institute’s “Big Ideas” grants as well as the graduate student organized conference award.

Panama Papers

Panama Read: transparency and concealment in global wealth management

The Panama Papers: how global money slips through legal cracks, and how a Buffett research group is working to find solutions.

Dani Rodrik teaching a Global Capitalism & Law master class

Buffett Research Group Spotlight: Global Capitalism & Law

Born out of a call for "big ideas" in global research, the Global Capitalism & Law research group investigates how capitalism shapes the law and, likewise, how law shapes capitalism.

Thanks to Roberta Buffett's gift, the Buffett Center transformed into an Institute in 2015

Celebrating our first year as the Buffett Institute

Check out the new programs and opportunities launched at the Buffett Institute over the past year.

Galya Ruffer and panelists from refugee resettlement event

Fall events at Buffett tackle critical issues surrounding Syrian refugees and refugee resettlement

For the fall quarter, the Buffett Institute hosted a series of events that examined the Syrian refugee crisis and encouraged public dialogue on issues surrounding forced migration and refugee resettlement.

Buffett Research Group Spotlight: Global Politics & Religion

Global Politics and Religion (GPR) brings together innovative thinkers to respond to the challenges of a socially and religiously diverse world.

CFMS Geneva Interns 2015

Buffett Institute and SIGP Fund Undergraduate Internships at UN Conference on Refugees

This summer, funding from the Buffett Institute and the Summer Internship Grant Program (SIGP)

CFMS Director Galya Ruffer and 2015 Geneva Interns

CFMS Works in Pursuit of Solutions at the UNHCR Annual Consultations in Geneva

The Center for Forced Migration Studies goes to UNHCR's Annual Consultations with NGOs to discuss refugee rights and protection,

Roberta Buffett gives $100M to Global Studies at Northwestern

Research groups, programs, and partnerships new in fall 2015

As part of the competitive Big Idea and Global Partnership funding initiatives, the Buffett Institute will provide significant funding to launch three interdisciplinary research groups, five working groups, and four new or broadened global partnerships.

Jeffrey Sachs to Speak at Northwestern Global Health Event

Announcing Keynote Speaker Jeffrey Sachs for Global Health Interdisciplinary Symposium

The Buffett Institute is sponsoring an interdisciplinary symposium on global health November 19-20, 2015.

women holding a baby

Protecting refugees where there is no legal safety net

In May, the Center for Forced Migration Studies convened a workshop on protecting the world’s displaced people.

Collaborators behind "Politics of Religious Freedom" stand together

Research Spotlight: Rethinking Religious Freedom

Collaborative research project studies the multiple historical trajectories, concepts, and practices of religious freedom.