Human Rights

Image of Leila Sadat and Daniel Shapiro

The Buffett Institute announces two more Distinguished Visitors in spring 2018

The Buffett Institute will welcome two more Distinguished Visitors for Spring 2018.

Keyman Conference

Keyman program hosts conference to explore Turkey’s recent political turn toward authoritarianism

Attendees discussed the recent political climate of Turkey that threaten the country's democracy, rule of law, and academic freedom.

Head shot of upcoming visiting scholar, Pap Ndiaye

French historian Pap Ndiaye to join Buffett in fall 2017 as the next Buffett Visiting Professor in International Studies

Ndiaye specializes in the social history of the U.S. with a particular focus on minorities, and is considered a pioneer of French "Black Studies."

Faculty fellow Wendy Pearlman helps explain the Syrian humanitarian crisis through Syrians’ own voices

For the past several years, faculty fellow Wendy Pearlman has documented the stories of displaced Syrians in the Middle East and Europe.

Art from Pippa Skotnes' 2004 exhibition, Lamb of God

Artist, academic Pippa Skotnes joins Buffett as Visiting Professor of International Studies

Pippa Skotnes joins the Buffett Institute community as the Roberta Buffett Visiting Professor of International Studies. Her work explores themes based in South African history, including colonialism and apartheid.

Kurdish politics conference hosted by the Keyman Program

Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Program hosts interdisciplinary conference on Kurdish politics

November 2-4, 2016, the Keyman Program hosted "Historical and Comparative Perspectives of Kurdish Politics" to discuss an important global issue that often goes ignored by US academics.

EDGS Director Jeffrey Winters at the Global Inequality Workshop

Tackling global inequality through research

The Buffett Institute for Global Studies and the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) hosted the Global Inequality Workshop on May 12-13, 2016.

Beyond the Seal

"Beyond the Seal" reveals the hidden costs of 40 cent bananas

The documentary, which is part video and part interactive website, profiles the lives of banana farmers in Ecuador, whose struggle with poverty and the hazardous health conditions of banana farming inspired Katherine and Leah to make the film.

GESI wins Ashoka U-Cordes award for innovation in higher education

GESI wins Ashoka award for innovation in higher education

GESI’s commitment to global partnerships and community-based learning has helped it stand out from other study abroad programs.

Buffett Institute hosts a series of events that explore the climate crisis

From the Paris conference to presidential candidate speeches, climate change is an increasingly crucial part of the conversation about the most pressing issues of our day. This quarter, the Buffett Institute is hosting a series of events that explore the climate crisis from a variety of viewpoints and experiences.

Thanks to Roberta Buffett's gift, the Buffett Center transformed into an Institute in 2015

Celebrating our first year as the Buffett Institute

Check out the new programs and opportunities launched at the Buffett Institute over the past year.

Khalida Brohi, 2015 Buffett Award winner. Photo: James Duncan Davidson/TED

Khalida Brohi named inaugural Buffett Award winner

The Buffett Institute is thrilled to announce the winner of the inaugural Buffett Institute Award for Emerging Global Leaders.

CFMS Geneva Interns 2015

Buffett Institute and SIGP Fund Undergraduate Internships at UN Conference on Refugees

This summer, funding from the Buffett Institute and the Summer Internship Grant Program (SIGP)

CFMS Director Galya Ruffer and 2015 Geneva Interns

CFMS Works in Pursuit of Solutions at the UNHCR Annual Consultations in Geneva

The Center for Forced Migration Studies goes to UNHCR's Annual Consultations with NGOs to discuss refugee rights and protection,

Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Fall 2015

New Director & Fall Programming for Keyman Modern Turkish Studies

The Keyman Program has a new director, new course offerings, lectures, and other exciting events lined up for the 2015-2016 year.

Recent CFMS Alum with her students in Thailand

CFMS Alumni Updates

One of the Buffett Institute's most popular research programs offers exceptional opportunites that continue to guide and enhance the professional careers of Northwestern alumni.

women holding a baby

Protecting refugees where there is no legal safety net

In May, the Center for Forced Migration Studies convened a workshop on protecting the world’s displaced people.