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Tom Donilon, former national security advisor to President Obama, on cybersecurity and the "return of geopolitical competition"

Former National Security Advisor Tom Donilon sat down with Buffett Institute Executive Director Annelise Riles to discuss threats facing US national security today.

Buffett Institute conference examines Turkey's education crisis

This year's Keyman Conference focuses on education in Turkey and the policy trends shaping its future.

PHOTOS: Graduate students work on dissertation research in 32 countries with Buffett grants in summer 2018

This summer, the Buffett Institute supported 46 Northwestern graduate students doing research in 32 countries. Here are their amazing photos from the field.

Northwestern names Rachel Riedl as the director of the Program of African Studies

Political scientist and associate professor Rachel Beatty Riedl has been appointed as director of the Program of African Studies (PAS) at the Buffett Institute, taking on a prominent role in helping carry out the Buffett Institute’s mission and vision for global studies at Northwestern.

Annelise Riles accepts lifetime achievement award in Berlin

Annelise Riles accepted the Anneliese Maier Award for lifetime achievement across the social sciences and humanities from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Static image of undergraduate grants map

More than 70 undergrads awarded grants for international research, study in summer 2018

The Buffett Institute’s Global Engagement office has awarded 73 global summer grants and scholarships for undergraduates this summer.

Global Poverty Research Lab hosts inaugural Rookiefest for PhD students in development economics

A select group of emerging development economists presented their job market papers to scholars in the development community.

Atlas Corps Fellows from Kenya and Vietnam strengthen the Buffett Institute's undergraduate programs

Catherine Miano and Ha Nguyen bring their experience to support the Buffett Institute's Global Engagement office.

Global Politics and Religion Updates: New research, fellows, and programming

The Global Politics and Religion research group continues to thrive into its third year.

Headshot of Bridget Calendo-Spaeth

Bridget Calendo-Spaeth joins the Buffett Institute as senior director of operations and strategic planning

The Buffett Institute welcomes Bridget Calendo-Spaeth as its next senior director of operations and strategic planning.

Buffett Fellows

New Buffett Graduate Student Fellows Program to support PhD students in global studies

The Buffett Institute has launched a fellowship program for Northwestern PhD students pursuing research in global studies.

Headshot of Lawrence Venuti

Lawrence Venuti wins Global Humanities Translation Prize

Lawrence Venuti, prolific and award-winning translation theorist and historian, wins the second annual Global Humanities Translation Prize.

Bar Ilan University

The Scholars in Israel Collaboration Fund: supporting global, interdisciplinary collaboration to promote innovation

The Scholars in Israel Collaboration Fund connects Northwestern scholars with their counterparts from several Israeli universities.

Image of Leila Sadat and Daniel Shapiro

The Buffett Institute announces two more Distinguished Visitors in spring 2018

The Buffett Institute will welcome two more Distinguished Visitors for Spring 2018.

Strobe Talbott

Strobe Talbott comes to Northwestern as Buffett’s first Distinguished Visitor

The Buffett Institute's Distinguished Visitor Program will bring thought leaders in international affairs and development to Northwestern.

Fred Swaniker

Higher education innovator and entrepreneur Fred Swaniker named the 2018 Buffett Award winner

Ghanaian entrepreneur Fred Swaniker has been selected as the 2018 Buffett Award recipient.

Buffett Fall Quarter 2017 highlights

Buffett 2017 fall quarter highlights

Images from the IPA Conference, Peter Buffett's visit, and Buffett Visiting Professor in International Studies Pap Ndiaye's talk.

Keyman Conference

Keyman program hosts conference to explore Turkey’s recent political turn toward authoritarianism

Attendees discussed the recent political climate of Turkey that threaten the country's democracy, rule of law, and academic freedom.

Buffett International SIGP award winner Izzy de la Guardia

Buffett SIGP student spotlight: Izzy de la Guardia

The Buffett International SIGP award supports undergraduates who want to complete unique, unpaid internships abroad.

ISITA workshop 2017

ISITA brings African curators and the Herskovits Library together for workshop on African Arabic manuscripts

Participants took part in lectures, hands-on sessions with Arabic and ajami manuscripts from the Herskovits Library of African Studies’ rich collection, and site visits to Chicago area libraries.

Global Poverty Research Lab

Renowned economists launch Buffett’s Global Poverty Research Lab

Along with founding directors Chris Udry and Dean Karlan, the Lab will comprise a growing group of scholars at Northwestern who study development economics.

Recent NU grads talk about GESI

Recent Northwestern graduates explain how GESI shaped their post-college path

Here are a few examples of recent Northwestern alums whose GESI experience helped shape their post-graduation plans.

Dhika Utama at a smallholder rubber farm in Indonesia

Northwestern graduate students travel to 44 countries for dissertation research thanks to grants from the Buffett Institute

The majority of these students received funding from Buffett's graduate student dissertation research awards, which totaled over $180,000 this year.

Map of Buffett undergrad affiliates abroad in 2017

Where in the world will you find Buffett undergraduates this summer?

Thanks to funding from Buffett, over 80 Northwestern undergraduates will work, study, and conduct research in 26 countries and six continents this summer.

Global Politics and Religion wins Luce/ACLS grant

Global Politics & Religion group leaders awarded prestigious grant in religion, journalism, and international affairs

As part of the Global Politics and Religion research group, the project will build strong connections between Medill, Weinberg, and the Buffett Institute.

Dean Karlan joins the Buffett Institute

Leading development economist Dean Karlan to join the Buffett Institute

Karlan's research focuses on economic issues of public policies and poverty.

Head shot of upcoming visiting scholar, Pap Ndiaye

French historian Pap Ndiaye to join Buffett in fall 2017 as the next Buffett Visiting Professor in International Studies

Ndiaye specializes in the social history of the U.S. with a particular focus on minorities, and is considered a pioneer of French "Black Studies."

Faculty fellow Wendy Pearlman helps explain the Syrian humanitarian crisis through Syrians’ own voices

For the past several years, faculty fellow Wendy Pearlman has documented the stories of displaced Syrians in the Middle East and Europe.

Students Roldan and Olsen in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Buffett undergraduate research published in journals dedicated to improving global service learning experiences

Wendy Roldan, Caroline Olsen, and Chris Harlow all studied outcomes and sustainability of international service learning projects.

Global Humanities Initiaitve

Global Humanities Initiative announces winners of new translation prize

The $5,000 prize is awarded for a translation-in-progress of a non-Western literary or scholarly text, and honors two winners this year.

Art from Pippa Skotnes' 2004 exhibition, Lamb of God

Artist, academic Pippa Skotnes joins Buffett as Visiting Professor of International Studies

Pippa Skotnes joins the Buffett Institute community as the Roberta Buffett Visiting Professor of International Studies. Her work explores themes based in South African history, including colonialism and apartheid.

NaiCode co-founders

Buffett SIGP spotlight: Timothy Mwiti helps create a coding bootcamp in Nairobi

As part of his internship, Mwiti helped students develop their own apps and network with tech leaders in "Silicon Savannah."

Beth Morrissey, 2017 Ver Steeg Award winner

Beth Morrissey recognized for excellence in work with graduate students

Morrissey serves as the main support for the 14 scholars of the Arryman Program. Her nomination for the Ver Steeg Award was a joint effort by the Arryman students.

Protesters outside Chicago O'Hare International Airport

Affiliates contribute commentary in the wake of executive order on immigration

Our affiliates frequently lend expertise on crucial global issues, and their contributions and commentary surrounding the executive order on immigration are evidence of the breadth of our community.

Message from the Buffett Institute on the executive order on immigration and refugees

The Buffett Institute underscores Northwestern President Schapiro’s statement regarding the January 27 executive order on immigration.

Is UN peacekeeping becoming more deadly?

Affiliate Marina Henke investigates: is UN peacekeeping becoming more deadly?

To produce these findings, Henke worked with undergraduate members of Buffett’s War and Society working group.

Kurdish politics conference hosted by the Keyman Program

Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Program hosts interdisciplinary conference on Kurdish politics

November 2-4, 2016, the Keyman Program hosted "Historical and Comparative Perspectives of Kurdish Politics" to discuss an important global issue that often goes ignored by US academics.

FSD site director Margaret Amanyire with Northwestern students

An interview with FSD site director and GESI partner Margaret Nassozi Amanyire

Margaret Nassozi Amanyire is the director at FSD’s Jinja, Uganda office. She was the first site director to work with GESI in developing its international development programs for undergraduates.

Q&A with Regina Honu, 2017 Buffett Award Winner

2017 Buffett Award winner Regina Agyare Honu answers a few questions about herself and her work.

Regina Agyare Honu

Buffett undergraduate affiliates select Regina Agyare Honu as the 2017 Buffett Award winner

Buffett Institute undergraduate affiliates have chosen Regina Honu as their 2017 Buffett Award winner.

Davis Project 2016 Camp Eaish

Peace through my lens: Davis project winner designs fine arts camp for young girls in Jordan

Each year, the Davis Projects for Peace program awards a $10,000 grant to an undergraduate to design grassroots “projects for peace.”

Hannah's homestay in Kenya

The GESI homestay experience: Kakamega, Kenya

GESI host families offer the rare opportunity to truly integrate undergraduates into the local culture and build meaningful relationships that will last long past their stay.

Meg McDonald at a recent Buffett event welcoming this year's scholars and postdocs

Meg McDonald joins Buffett as senior director of operations and strategic planning

Meg brings more than a decade of Northwestern leadership experience to Buffett as it expands its research and activities.

Students participate in community development projects on three continents

In collaboration with local staff, students participating in GESI completed community development projects across the world.

Buffett funds more than 30 undergrads to research and work abroad this summer

Check out where our Buffett International SiGP winners, Buffett supplemental grant winners, and CBR Fellows are living and working this summer.

CHSS conference

CHSS Global Partnership sponsors interdisciplinary conference for grad students

Held June 19-12 at Northwestern's Chicago campus, the conference was made possible by the Buffett Institute’s Global Partnership initiative.

EDGS Director Jeffrey Winters at the Global Inequality Workshop

Tackling global inequality through research

The Buffett Institute for Global Studies and the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) hosted the Global Inequality Workshop on May 12-13, 2016.

We wish Brian all the best in his new role at the Chicago Council.

Brian Hanson to join the Chicago Council on Global Affairs after 12 years at the Buffett Institute

Brian leaves Northwestern this July to become the Vice President of Studies at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. We wish him all the best!

World Refugee Day 2016

CFMS hosts community events in honor of World Refugee Day 2016

The Center for Forced Migration Studies has organized multiple events across Chicago in honor of the day.

A Message to the Buffett Community

A message from the Provost and the Vice President for Research at Northwestern.

The Library of Congress

Director Bruce Carruthers appointed to three-month fellowship at the Library of Congress

The Maguire Chair is a distinguished senior research position appointed by the Librarian of Congress.

New research groups at the Buffett Institute

Announcing new programs and global research initiatives at the Buffett Institute

We are pleased to announce the 2016 winners of the Buffett Institute’s “Big Ideas” grants as well as the graduate student organized conference award.

Panama Papers

Panama Read: transparency and concealment in global wealth management

The Panama Papers: how global money slips through legal cracks, and how a Buffett research group is working to find solutions.

Dani Rodrik teaching a Global Capitalism & Law master class

Buffett Research Group Spotlight: Global Capitalism & Law

Born out of a call for "big ideas" in global research, the Global Capitalism & Law research group investigates how capitalism shapes the law and, likewise, how law shapes capitalism.

The Buffett Institute for Global Studies

Ambassador Karl Eikenberry Update

Ambassador Karl Eikenberry update from Northwestern University Provost Dan Linzer

Beyond the Seal

"Beyond the Seal" reveals the hidden costs of 40 cent bananas

The documentary, which is part video and part interactive website, profiles the lives of banana farmers in Ecuador, whose struggle with poverty and the hazardous health conditions of banana farming inspired Katherine and Leah to make the film.

Ala Volume V convers Islamic scholarship in Mauritania and the Western Sahara

ISITA celebrates research milestone with publication of Arabic Literature of Africa Volume V

Developed at Northwestern over the last two decades, the five ALA volumes and the foundation upon which a whole new field of study has been built.

GESI wins Ashoka U-Cordes award for innovation in higher education

GESI wins Ashoka award for innovation in higher education

GESI’s commitment to global partnerships and community-based learning has helped it stand out from other study abroad programs.

Buffett Institute hosts a series of events that explore the climate crisis

From the Paris conference to presidential candidate speeches, climate change is an increasingly crucial part of the conversation about the most pressing issues of our day. This quarter, the Buffett Institute is hosting a series of events that explore the climate crisis from a variety of viewpoints and experiences.

Thanks to Roberta Buffett's gift, the Buffett Center transformed into an Institute in 2015

Celebrating our first year as the Buffett Institute

Check out the new programs and opportunities launched at the Buffett Institute over the past year.

Parker, a fall GESI participant, with her colleagues in Kenya

Why study abroad with GESI in the fall?

As the deadline to study abroad in the fall approaches, make sure you know why participating in the Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI) is a great option! Many of you have already signed up for the summer program, but there here is why fall can be a better option for many students.

Galya Ruffer and panelists from refugee resettlement event

Fall events at Buffett tackle critical issues surrounding Syrian refugees and refugee resettlement

For the fall quarter, the Buffett Institute hosted a series of events that examined the Syrian refugee crisis and encouraged public dialogue on issues surrounding forced migration and refugee resettlement.

Buffett Research Group Spotlight: Global Politics & Religion

Global Politics and Religion (GPR) brings together innovative thinkers to respond to the challenges of a socially and religiously diverse world.

CBR Fellowships for Buffett Institute undergraduates

Community-Based Research Fellowship allows GESI alums to build their own research projects abroad

Learn about undergraduate summer research projects at the Buffett Institute.

Congratulations to affiliates on the ASG Faculty Honor Roll

Every year Northwestern’s Associated Student Government receives nominations from the student body of outstanding professors who go above and beyond their expectations. Congratulations to Buffett-affiliated faculty who made the ASG Faculty Honor Role.

Help us commemorate Bertie's $100 million gift

In January 2015, Northwestern announced Roberta Buffett Elliott’s $100 million gift to the University to create the Buffett Institute for Global Studies. To celebrate a year of continuing success, help us thank Bertie!

Buffett Institute faculty contribute commentary after Paris terror attack

Our faculty affiliates frequently lend commentary and expertise on myriad topics around crucial global issues, and their contributions to the conversations that stemmed from the November 13 attacks in Paris are no different.

Karl Eikenberry named Executive Director of the Buffett Institute

Karl W. Eikenberry to join Buffett Institute as executive director in September 2016

According to President Schapiro, Eikenberry "has played a highly visible role on the world stage with his frank and insightful ideas about some of the most critical issues of our day and will play a central role in taking the scope and impact of our global programs to an entirely new level.”

Buffett Institute Postdocs

Introducing the Buffett Institute Postdocs

The Buffett postdoc program provides support to top-notch researchers at the very beginning of their careers, who in turn enhance the Northwestern community through participation and collaboration with multiple departments, centers, and groups on campus.

UGER women taking measurements in 2012

GESI's ongoing partnership with UGER helps promote reproductive health in India

Several teams of GESI students have collaborated with Jatan Sansthan in Udaipur, India, where students helped develop their innovative and globally recognized UGER sanitary pad product.

Khalida Brohi, 2015 Buffett Award winner. Photo: James Duncan Davidson/TED

Khalida Brohi named inaugural Buffett Award winner

The Buffett Institute is thrilled to announce the winner of the inaugural Buffett Institute Award for Emerging Global Leaders.

GESI 2015 Summary: Jatan Sansthan

Jematia Chepyator, Vivien Hastings and Kamila Muhammad worked as interns at Jatan Sansthan, a grassroots NGO that focuses on the empowerment of youth and women.

Wendy and Caroline constructing ecological cookers

GESI 2015 Summary: CEDESOL

More than four million women and children die each year from indoor air pollution. This GESI project helped build the beginnings of an education and training program for communities using ecological cookers in Bolivia.

CFMS Geneva Interns 2015

Buffett Institute and SIGP Fund Undergraduate Internships at UN Conference on Refugees

This summer, funding from the Buffett Institute and the Summer Internship Grant Program (SIGP)

CFMS Director Galya Ruffer and 2015 Geneva Interns

CFMS Works in Pursuit of Solutions at the UNHCR Annual Consultations in Geneva

The Center for Forced Migration Studies goes to UNHCR's Annual Consultations with NGOs to discuss refugee rights and protection,

Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Fall 2015

New Director & Fall Programming for Keyman Modern Turkish Studies

The Keyman Program has a new director, new course offerings, lectures, and other exciting events lined up for the 2015-2016 year.

Children learn to play the piano at a music summer camp

Davis Project Winner Creates Summer of "Musical Peace"

Northwestern's Davis Project for Peace winner Maria Massucco designed a grassroots project that addressed peace in her home state of North Carolina.

Funding opportunities, Buffett Award new to undergrads in fall 2015

In fall 2015, Buffett undergraduates have increased funding opportunities and the chance to vote for an emerging leader in global development and social change to receive the Buffett Award.

Roberta Buffett gives $100M to Global Studies at Northwestern

Research groups, programs, and partnerships new in fall 2015

As part of the competitive Big Idea and Global Partnership funding initiatives, the Buffett Institute will provide significant funding to launch three interdisciplinary research groups, five working groups, and four new or broadened global partnerships.

Streets of Turkey

Student Photo Contest: "Streets of Turkey"

The Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Program invites submissions to the “Streets of Turkey” photography competition.

Jeffrey Sachs to Speak at Northwestern Global Health Event

Announcing Keynote Speaker Jeffrey Sachs for Global Health Interdisciplinary Symposium

The Buffett Institute is sponsoring an interdisciplinary symposium on global health November 19-20, 2015.

GESI Receives EDIE Award

GESI Honored with Excellence in Diversifying International Education (EDIE) Award

The Buffet Institute accepted the EDIE award on behalf of Northwestern during the Third Annual Diversity Abroad Conference.

Recent CFMS Alum with her students in Thailand

CFMS Alumni Updates

One of the Buffett Institute's most popular research programs offers exceptional opportunites that continue to guide and enhance the professional careers of Northwestern alumni.

GESI Students in Jinja, Uganda

Learning Where the Shoe Pinches Most

The ongoing relationship between ORUDE and GESI has been an exceptional example of the type of social impact that can be achieved through mutual respect and thoughtful collaboration.

The Buffett Institute introduces new programming thanks to a gift from Roberta Buffett Elliott

Announcing New Programs and Funding at the Buffett Institute

Thanks to a gift from Roberta Buffett Elliott, the Buffett institute is launching several exciting opportunities

Group of students sitting at a desk

iGEM Hosts Campus Day for Young Refugee Students

Teaching girls about college and why they should apply.

man standing in front of a graffitti wall

Fresh insights on old controversies in the Middle East

MENA faculty members present groundbreaking research in their first book, On the Ground.

women holding a baby

Protecting refugees where there is no legal safety net

In May, the Center for Forced Migration Studies convened a workshop on protecting the world’s displaced people.

Collaborators behind "Politics of Religious Freedom" stand together

Research Spotlight: Rethinking Religious Freedom

Collaborative research project studies the multiple historical trajectories, concepts, and practices of religious freedom.

hands holding a small book

Northwestern's Connection to Timbuktu

Northwestern-trained team works to save Timbuktu manuscripts.

GESI website

New Programs, Scholarships, and Website for GESI 2015!

Global service learning program expands to fall quarter, adds new location in Kenya

Group of people sitting on the floor and talking

GESI Program: Undergraduate struggles and successes with international development

From planting community gardens to decontaminating water, GESI participants share their experience working on community-development around the world.