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Northwestern Buffett Institute for Global Affairs

Idea Incubation Workshops

Idea Incubation Workshops at Northwestern serve to catalyze new ideas that help define the Institute’s direction for research and international engagement.

In a global environment, excellence in research, innovation, and the arts can only be achieved through collaboration with those beyond our field and beyond our country, institutions, concepts, and positions. Workshops are an opportunity to take risks and engage in purposeful play with scholars and thought leaders beyond our usual community of interlocutors to develop impactful questions for research and ideas for action.

The inaugural Idea Incubation Workshop for Northwestern scholars and international guests is scheduled for November 15–17, 2019. Thematic groups, or “Idea Streams,” will work together over the course of the weekend to identify emerging challenges that can be addressed impactfully through research, dialogue, strategic output, and action within a two-year time frame. 

Groups will each develop a concrete research plan to address a global challenge, identify points of view or forms of expertise that should be included in the project going forward, and define post-research action steps necessary to ensure that the results achieve social impact.