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Northwestern Buffett Institute for Global Affairs

Global Summit

This annual event is designed to bring together interdisciplinary groups from across the globe to identify critical challenges ahead, define stakeholders, map complex problems, and identify gaps in research and preparedness.  In the Summit, these groups, called Idea Streams, are focused on the creation of plans designed for long-term impact.

Idea Stream Methodology

  • Challenge: What do you see as the next challenge ahead in this sector? Can the challenge be avoided or mitigated? How?
  • Future: What would success look like if the challenges were addressed in advance? What are the barriers to success?
  • Reach: What investigation and action steps are required to achieve success? Who will be the intended target or audience?
  • Plan: Timelines, outputs, action steps, expertise, and funding opportunities
  • Pitch: Presentation and feedback
Member pitching at a global summit

The Summit closes with the presentations generated by each Idea Stream group. These pitches are opportunities to share innovative ideas with a responsive peer community, propose real-world solutions, and lay the groundwork for next steps. Groups with quality proposals that emerge from the Summit are transitioned into long-term Working Groups for research and action.