Center for Forced Migration Studies (CFMS)


In our research, we:

  • Draw upon new methodologies that incorporate testimony, GIS and open crowd-sourced mapping technologies;
  • Seek to expand the questions posed and populations given voice in research agendas;
  • Investigate alternative approaches to how we empirically evaluate validity and effectiveness in our assessment of policy alternatives;
  • Think beyond pre-existing approaches and methodologies in institutional and policy responses.

The research takes a critical approach to question normative understandings and address empirical puzzles regarding how refugees and international refugee advocacy networks mobilize international and national law and policies to offer new understandings of refugee protection and vulnerabilities. Our research seeks to deepen understandings regarding how national institutions define, mediate and respond to refugee legal concerns in crisis. In all our work we seek to contribute to efforts to provide sustainable solutions for refugees, victims of conflict or natural disaster, and stateless people around the world.