Center for Forced Migration Studies (CFMS)


Find a list of Northwestern University course offerings related to forced migration studies. This is a suggested course of study; Northwestern does not currently have a specific program for refugee and forced migration studies.

Core Courses

  • POLI_SCI 380-0: Refugee Crises & Human Rights (Galya Ruffer)
  • LEGAL_ST 394: Human Rights and US Refugee Law (William Schiller)
  • Research Seminar Project


  • CFS 293: Field Studies in Social Justice: Topics vary each quarter (immigration)
  • Intern at the clinic
  • Geneva Internship Program
  • Intern at an NGO


  • POLI_SCI: Mixed Methods in Poli Sci
  • STAT 370: Human Rights Statistics (Bruce Spencer)

Causes and Consequences of Global Migration

  • ANTHRO 212: Global Cultures, Global Inequalities
  • ANTHRO 347: Political Anthropology: Cross-cultural study of political organization in stateless and state societies.
  • ECON 322: Evolution of the Global Economy: Global integration and growth in the 19th and 20th centuries: historical perspectives and current controversies. Topics include mass migration.
  • ECON 326: The Economics of Developing Countries: Structure, performance, and problems of developing economies.
  • POLI_SCI 376: Internal Wars and the State: Includes causes and consequences of internal wars, and theory of conflict. Examines cases of civil wars such as Yugoslavia, Congo, and Iraq.
  • SOCIOL 305-0-20: Demography and Populations Problems (Christine Percheski)