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Below are Honors Student Thesis on Immigration and Forced Migration supervised by CFMS Director Galya Ruffer, JD, PhD

Catherine Tyson. 2014. “Disconnect between lived experience and policy: Cultural integration of Bhutanese and Iraqi refugees during resettlement in Chicago,” International Studies Honors Thesis, Northwestern University. Awarded 2014 Frank Safford Prize for Best Undergraduate Thesis.

Rebecca Liron. 2014. “A Collision Between Israeli State and International Interests:Refugees in Tel Aviv,” International Studies Honors Thesis, Northwestern University2014. Awarded Fellow, Princeton in Africa (Kenya).

Nicholas Kazvini-Gore. 2014. “Acculturation of Trade and Victim Diasporas: TheCase of the Iranian Diasporic Community in Hamburg, Germany.” SESP.

George Chen. 2014. “Japanese Citizenship: A legacy of De Facto Japanese Identityand Exclusion”.

Chelsea Glenn. 2013. “Redefining the Rational Actor in Self-Reliance Programs:Economic Opportunities in Sherkole Refugee Camp, Ethiopia,” International StudiesHonors Thesis, Northwestern University. Awarded 2013 Frank Safford Prize forBest Undergraduate Thesis. 

Molly Barstow. 2013. “Unsustainable and insufficient: A preliminary analysis of sub-Saharan refugees’ livelihoods in Rabat, Morocco,” Awarded Honors in Anthropology2013. 

Sarah Freeman. 2013. “Transitional Aid: An Analysis of the Changing Network ofAssistance for Internally Displaced Persons in Northern Uganda,” InternationalStudies Honors Thesis, Northwestern University. Awarded 2012 Frank Safford Prizefor Best Undergraduate Thesis.

Julie Kornfeld. 2011. “The Effects of Overseas Cultural Orientation Programs on Refugees’Perceptions of their Role in American Society,” Awarded Honors in the School forEducation and Social Policy. (Published in Forced Migration Review)

Kristin Coveney. 2011. “Marginalized in the Creation of a Nation: How Non-citizens withDisabilities have been Ignored in America's Immigration Detention System,” American Studies Honors.

Laura Ashbaugh. 2010. “Stranded in Jordan: A Study of Jordan’s Iraqi Refugee Policy,”International Studies Honors Thesis, Northwestern University. Awarded 2010 FrankSafford Prize for Best Undergraduate Thesis.

Priya Fielding. 2008. “Multicultural Policies in Practice: Exploring a British Academy’sReligious Education,” 


CFMS Alums have been awarded a number of awards and Fellowship opporturnities including

Fulbright Awards

Molly Barstow, Class of 2013

Chelsea Glenn, Class of 2013

Laura Ashbaugh, Class of 2010

Marshall Scholar

Chelsea Glenn, Class of 2013