Forum for Languages and Cultures

Sample Current Projects

The Forum is committed to working with other units at Northwestern to increase student language and cultural competency. Almost every unit at Northwestern has an international component, with most professors and administrators having substantial research and professional connections in other countries.

The Forum will take advantage of these already-established connections and traditions and work to facilitate undergraduate programming that strengthens language and culture.

International Media Project 

Together with the University Library, the Forum works to facilitate easy access to newspapers, magazines, international television and radio broadcasting by creating language portals that group resources by language.

Co-operative Programing with Residential Academic Initiatives

Within the framework of the Residential Academic Initiatives project organized by Student Services, the Forum explores ways to introduce language and culture focused activities for students learning languages. 

Initial projects include language tables and special residential college–linked seminars focused on languages and cultures.

Expanding Opportunities for Research, Internships & Fellowships

The Forum works with the Office of Fellowships to help faculty match students to programs and projects that require language skills and cultural knowledge of a target language population.

We will work to both facilitate the support of current programs targeted by the Office of Fellowships and work to identify and support additional opportunities that require language skills and cultural knowledge.

Less Commonly Taught Languages

Students at Northwestern have a choice of 19 languages to study on campus. The Forum is committed to supporting the less commonly taught languages as they continue to provide rich programing opportunities that include advanced language instruction, study abroad experiences, and related course work in other departments.

The Forum will work with representatives of these language programs and develop a strategy for collaborating on common issues.