Kurdish Studies Conference

Participant List

Onur Bakıner
Why do Peace Negotiations Succeed or Fail? Legal Commitment, Transparency and Inclusion in Colombia (2012-2016) and Turkey (2012-2015)
Naif Bezwan , University College London
Transforming the Politics of Non-Recognition: The International Community and the Kurdish Pursuit of Self-Determination
Baran Bingol , Kennesaw State University
Frontiers of Kurdish Paradiplomacy and Self-Governance: A Comparative Analysis of Security, Development and Conflict
Ipek Demir , University of Leicester
The Global South in the Global North: Kurdish Diaspora in Europe as Transnational Indigenous Resistance
Deniz Duruiz , Columbia University
Border as an Epistemological Device in Kurdish Studies
Vera Eccarius-Kelly , Siena College
Ethnographic projects / interviews with Kurdish diaspora in the US and related to an "Imaginary Kurdish Museum"
Özlem Belçim Galip, University of Oxford
Kurdish Studies as a De-territorialized Field: Transformations and Discontinuities
Fatma Müge Göcek , University of Michigan
Michael Gunter , Tennessee Technological University
Kurdish Studies in the United States
Cengiz Güneş , The Open University
The Political Representation of Kurds in Turkey: Actors, Issues and Transformations
Mehmet Gürses , Florida Atlantic University,
War, Religion, and the Kurds: The Secularizing Potential of Armed Conflict
Diana Hatchett , University of Kentucky
Sovereignty and ethical life in Kurdistan and Kurdish Studies
Amy Holmes , American University of Cairo
The Political Ambitions of Kurdish Militias in Syria and Iraq
Geopolitics and Gender Dynamics: Comparing the YPG in Kobane and the YBS in Sinjar
Ahmad Mohammadpour , University of Massachusetts
Orientalizing the East: Iranian Kurdistan and the Construction of Colonial Subject
Peshawa Abdulkhaliq Muhammed , University of Sulaimani
Iraqi Kurdistan and its Changing Region
Leyla Neyzi , Northwestern University
Displaced rural youth in Diyarbakir and "the place that has no (public) name"
Janroj Yılmaz Keleş, Middlesex University
Highly Skilled Return British-Kurdish Young People to Post - Conflict Region
Sean Lee, Northwestern University
The Evolution of Rojava:
Zeynep Oğuz,The Nation of War, Syria CUNY
Violent Collisions: Geology, Oil, and Subterranean Power in Turkey's Kurdistan
Nilay Ozok-Gundogan, Florida State University
Reconsidering the Concept of "Autonomy" in Historical Writings on Ottoman Kurdistan
David Romano, Missouri State University
"Foreign policy Options of the KRG "
Emre Turkut , Ghent University
Non-discrimination, minority rights and self-determination
Kamal Soleimani , Queens College, NY

Yasin Sunca Biefeld,  University of the Eastern Kurds
Bifurcated Trajectory of Self-Determination in Kurdistan: Two Responses to the Global Political Crisis
Abbas Vali , Independent Scholar
Sovereign Power, Ruptured Domination and Kurdish Self-Government in the Middle East 
Veli Yadırgı , University of London
The Political Economy of Kurdish Question in Turkey
Güney Yıldız,  University of Cambridge
HowdoteaKurdish movement in Syria and members of the Arab and other minorities to their project?
Yeşim Yaprak Yıldız , University of Cambridge
(Dis)avowalof State Violence: The Kurdish Studies Network (KSN), The Kurdish Studies Journal "Kurdish Studies: Recent and Future Prospects" Atrocities Against Kurds
Welat Zeydanlıoğlu
"Kurdish Studies: Recent and Future Perspectives"