International Organizations & International Law (IO/IL)

The Judicialization of International Relations

June 12-13, 2015

This is an invitation only workshop. Northwestern University graduate students may email to request permission to attend part or all of the workshop.

Event description

The end of the Cold War introduced a new era of international adjudication marked by the proliferation of international courts, an increased use of permanent and ad hoc international adjudicatory mechanisms, a widening of the issue areas that fall under the jurisdiction of adjudicatory bodies, and a rise in the domestic judicial enforcement of international laws, agreements, and court judgments. This workshop examines if and how the increased involvement of domestic and international judicial actors is transforming international relations; a process often referred to as the judicialization of politics.IO logo

Workshop Sponsored by International Organization and the IO/IL working group of the Buffett Institute, Northwestern University.

Co-ConvenersKaren J. Alter and Erik Voeten 

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Authors and papers

  • Words Matter: How WTO Judges Handle Political Controversy, Krzysztof Pelc and Marc Busch
    Discussant: Jon Pevehouse
  • Partners in Compliance: The Political Cover of WTO Rulings, Cosette Creamer
    Discussant: Richard Steinberg
  • Judicial Cooperation & Trust in Supranational Courts: A micro-level approach to the use of supranational precedent by national judges in EU law matters, Juan Mayoral 
    Discussant: Steve Nelson
  • Politics as usual in Court? Conflict dimensions in international adjudication, Olof Larsson and Daniel Naurin
    Discussant: Erik Voeten
  • Investment Treaty Arbitrators: How Constrained?, Todd Tucker
    Discussant: Emilie Hafner Burton
  • Credible Commitments in International Law, Pierre Verdier and Mila Versteeg
    Discussant: Ian Hurd
  • Not Our Business? Examining the Effects of Cutting off US Court Jurisdiction for Extraterritorial Human Rights Claims, Tonya Putnam
    Discussant: Karen Alter
  • The Unintended Consequences of National Human Rights Commissions: Comparing Judicial versus Non-Judicial Remedies for Human Rights Abuses, Thania Sanchez
    Discussant: Yon Lupu
  • Trust in Domestic Courts and the Effect of International Court Decisions: Evidence from a Survey Experiment, Yonathan Lupu, Mikael Madsen, and Erik Voeten
    Discussant: Emilie Hafner Burton
  • Importing International Norms through Apex Courts: Customary International Law in South Africa and India, Mark Axelrod
    Discussant: Mila Versteeg
  • The Justice Dilemma: International Accountability and Internal Conflict, Daniel Krcmaric
    Discussant: Yon Lupu
  • On the Brink: Understanding When Combatant Leaders Might be More Susceptible to International Criminal Tribunals' Influence, Jacqueline McAllister
    Discussant: Richard Steinberg
  • International Criminal Arrests and Demobilization in Congo: An Empirical Study, Richard Steinberg
    Discussant: Will Reno
  • Colombia, Transitional Justice, and the Counter-Judicialization of Politics, Jamie Rowan
    Discussant: Karen Alter
  • Judicialization of the Sea: Bargaining under the UNCLOS Regime, Sara McLaughlin Mitchell and Andy Owsiak
    Discussant: Erik Voeten