Global Politics and Religion Research Group



Elizabeth Shakman HurdPolitical Science (Co-director): International relations; religion and politics; politics of secularism; law and religion; U.S. foreign relations; politics of the Middle East; methods in the study of religion and politics; contemporary religion; the politics of religious freedom. Co-organizer of the Luce Politics of Religion at Home and Abroad initiative. 

Brannon Ingram, Religious Studies (Co-director): Islamic Studies, with a focus on Sufism and modern South Asia; transnational and translocal flows of people, texts and ideas in the global Muslim South (particularly between South Asia and Southern Africa); western representations of the 'mystical' in Islam

Graduate Assistant

Gina Giliberti, Political Science


Loubna El AminePolitical Science: comparative political theory, chinese political thought, confucianism, multiculturalism

Joyce Dalsheim, Luce/ACLS Fellow, Anthropology: Citizenship and sovereignty; sovereign citizens and hegemony; nationalism, religion and the secular in relation to situations of political conflict; Middle East,  Israel/Palestine; hegemonic power; settler-colonialism.

Erin Delaney, LawPolitical Science:  Comparative constitutional law, constitutional law, federalism, immigration law

Sarah DeesLuce Postdoc: Native American and Indigenous religions; American religion, culture, and politics; religion, race, and colonial governance​; history of the study of religion; material religion

Rosemary HancockSociology: Sociology of religion with a focus on Islam in the United States and Great Britain; religion and grassroots progressive politics; religion and race in the United States with a particular focus on Islam and Islamophobia; and Islamic environmentalism

Sean HanrettaHistory: Modern African intellectual and cultural history; historical theory and methodology; theories of historical evidence and in non-documentary forms of historical sources

Katherine HoffmanAnthropology: Language and expressive culture; ethnicity; indigenism; language ideologies; language shift and endangerment; gender, migration, rural-urban relations, French colonialism, Imazighen (Berbers), Morocco and North Africa, France

Ioannis N. GrigoriadisKeyman Fellow: European politics; comparative politics; international relations; religion and politics; democratization; nationalism; constitutional law; Turkish studies; energy

Anne Joh, Garrett: Transpacific decolonial studies, critical race, gender sexuality studies, war and militarism, political theory and affect studies, global capital, environmentalism and the global south

Hüseyin Levent KökerLaw and Politics: constitution-making, constitutionalism, democratic theory, critical theory, secularism, nationalism, multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism

Darryl Li, Anthropology, Law: Empire & colonialism; Migration & mobility; anthropology of law; universalisms; carcerality & captivity; war & political violence; transnational jihad movements; War on Terror; transregional connections between the Middle East, Balkans, South Asia

Andrew KoppelmanLaw: Conflicts of law; constitutional law; first amendment; law and religion

Christina LafontPhilosophydemocracy and citizen participation; global governance; human rights; religion and politics; contemporary moral and political philosophy

Robert LaunayAnthropology: The history and 'prehistory' of anthropological theory and its contemporary developments; the anthropology of scriptural religions with particular focus on Islam; the historical ethnography of West Africa

Henri Lauziere, History: Modern Middle East and North Africa; Islamic intellectual history; Salafism

Abram J. LewisSexualities Project Postdoc: queer and feminist theory; histories of sexuality, race, and disability; trans studies; postsecular studies; and speculative philosophy

Michael LoriauxPolitical Science: Critical Theory; International Theory; European Unification, Post-Nationhood

Wendell Marsh, History: Islam in Africa; African Intellectual History; Race and Religion in the Francophone World; Postcolonial Criticism

Mark McClishReligious Studies: Classical Hinduism, with a focus on early legal and political literature; religious, legal, and political themes in classical Sanskrit literature

Charles PrestonReligious Studies: contemporary Sanskrit literature and its intersection with modern Hinduism; Indian politics and culture

Rachel Beatty RiedlPolitical Science: Comparative democratization; political party systems and democratic institutions; decentralization and local governance; authoritarian legacies; religion and politics

Joseph RingelReligious Studies Postdoc: Jewish communities and other religious minorities in the lands of Islam; rabbinic and Islamic responses to modernity; religious and ethnic minorities in the state of Israel; religion and state in the Middle East.

Benjamin Schonthal, Religious Studies: religion and law in South & Southeast Asia; intersections of Buddhism, law and politics; Buddhist law and legal institutions in contemporary and historical contexts; ‘Buddhist constitutionalism’ and comparative constitutional law; legal pluralism; method and theory in religious studies

Scott SowerbyHistory: Early modern Britain and Europe; comparative history and transnational issues, including religious toleration, state formation, and cosmopolitanism  

Lauren K StokesHistoryGerman history; international migration; race and religion in Europe; sexuality and gender identity; history of capitalism

Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, Religious Studies and Law: religion and Law in the US; method & theory in the study of religion; anthropology of law; church/state studies

Sarah McFarland TaylorReligious Studies and Environmental Policy and Culture: media, religion, and environment; religion and popular culture; sustainable media; climate change and public moral engagement, American consumerism; ecojustice; and the environmental humanities. Taylor is also currently pursuing an additional advanced degree in Media History, Philosophy, and Criticism in the School of Media Studies at The New School for Public Engagement

Jessica WinegarAnthropology: Sociocultural Anthropology; cultural politics and culture industries; material and visual culture; the culture concept; class, gender, intellectuals; Islam, Middle East and North Africa

Emrah YildizAnthropology: historiography and ethnography of borders and their states; ritual practice, visitation and pilgrimage in Islam; smuggling and contraband commerce in global political economy

Zekeria Ahmed Salem, Political Science:Islam and Muslim politics in Africa, Islamic thought; Islam, race and ethnicity ; social movements; bureaucratization; equality and citizenship ; the state in Africa