Global Humanities Initiative

Past Prize Recipients

Northwestern University Press and the University’s Global Humanities Initiative have selected two inaugural winners of the $5,000 Global Humanities Translation Prize for an in-progress translation of a non-Western or otherwise marginal literary or scholarly text.

The winners of the inaugural translation prize will be published by Northwestern University Press. The Tale of the Missing Man by Manzoor Ahtesham, translated from Hindi by Jason Grunebaum and Ulrike Stark, will be out in August 2018. Carl Ernst’s translation of Hallaj: Poems of a Sufi Martyr will be published in July. 

Laura Brueck, Global Humanities Initiative co-founder and an associate professor in the department of Asian languages and cultures, described the goal of the prize as “bringing much-needed attention not only to the rich humanistic traditions of the non-West, but also to the relevance of those traditions to the study of the humanities more generally.”

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