Global Humanities Initiative

Teaching and Translating the Global Humanities, a working group


Laura Brueck, Chair, Asian Languages and Cultures Department, Associate Professor of South Asian Literature and Language

Rajeev Kinra, Associate Professor of History


Mark Alznauer, Assistant Professor of Philosophy   

Christopher Bush, Associate Professor of French and Comparative Literature

Corey Byrnes, Assistant Professor of Modern Chinese Literature, DALC

Haydon Cherry, Assistant Professor of History 

Aymar Jean Christian, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies 

Brian Edwards, Crown Professor in Middle East Studies; Professor of English, Comparative Literary Studies, and American Studies

Susannah Gottlieb, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literary Studies, Chair of the Comparative Literary Studies Program

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Associate Professor of Political Science and Religious Studies

Brannon Ingram, Assistant Professor of Religion

Sarah Jacoby, Assistant Professor of Religion (Buddhism) 

Rebecca Johnson, Crown Junior Chair in Middle East Studies; Assistant Professor of English and the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities

Andrew Leong, Assistant Professor of English and Japanese Literature

Daniel Majchrowicz, Assistant Professor of South Asian Literature and Culture, DALC

Mark McClish, Assistant Professor of Religion (Hinduism) 

Lam-Thao Nguyen, Assistant Professor of French and Italian

César Braga-Pinto, Associate Professor of Brazilian, Lusophone African, and Comparative Literature

Ben Robinson, Ph.D. Student in Comparative Literature and German

Mi-Ryong Shim, Assistant Professor of Korean Literature and Culture (DALC) 

Shayna Mei Silverstein, Assistant Professor in Performance Studies 

Jacob Smith, Associate Professor, Department of Radio-Television-Film

Marcia Tiede, Northwestern University Library

William West, Associate Professor in English and Comparative Literary Studies; Chair of the Department of Classics

Jessica Winegar, Associate Professor of Anthropology 

Ji-Yeon Yuh, Associate Professor of History, Director of Asian American Studies Program