Global Capitalism & Law

2017 Regional Colloquium Program

All events on Friday will be held at the Great Room, 600 Haven Street on Northwestern's Evanston campus.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

6:30pm - Pre-conference dinner for participants

Friday, May 19, 2017

9:30-10:00am - Breakfast 

10:00-10:15am - Introductions & Welcoming Remarks

Session 1: International Law and Finance in National Contexts

10:30-11:00am -- "The International Rule of Law and Economic Development," Nadia Nedzel (Southern University Law Center)

Discussant: Andrew Koppelman

11:00-11:30am - "The Long Nineteenth Century of Sovereign Debt and Sovereignty in Latin America," Felipe Ford Cole (Northwestern University)

Discussant: Bruce Carruthers

11:30-12:00 -- "Organizational Mediation of Reorganization Bankruptcy in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)," Melike Arslan (Northwestern University)

Discussant: Stephen Nelson

12:00-12:30pm - "National Security Review and Chinese Investment in the U.S.," Ji Li (Rutgers Law School)

Discussants: William Hurst

12:30-1:30pm - Lunch

Session 2: International Investment & Arbitration

1:30-2:00pm - "Better BITs: safeguarding policy space through investment treaty provisions," Florencia Montal (University of Minnesota)

Discussant: Ji Li

2:00-2:30pm - "The Dynamics of Arbitrators' Reputation Shaping in ICSID Arbitration," Weijia Rao (University of Chicago)

Discussant: Jide Nzelibe

2:30-3:00pm - "The Case for an International Court of Civil Justice," Maya Steinitz (University of Iowa College of Law)

Discussant: Karen Alter

3:00-3:30pm - Coffee Break

Session 3: Regulating and Legitimating Global Markets

3:30-4:00pm - "Formal Moral Accommodation: Institutional Change in Distressed Asset Investing," Andrew L. Owen (Northwestern University)

Discussant: Erin Lockwood

4:00-4:30 - "Who Let the Market Get This Big? Shifting Interpretations of Derivatives and the Public Interest Pre-2008," Erin Lockwood (Northwestern University)

Discussant: Ajay Mehrotra

4:30-5:00 - "Divergent Legalization in Global Economic Governance: Why Is Money So Different from Trade?" Karen Alter and Stephen Nelson (Northwestern University)

Discussant: Cristina Lafont

5:00-5:30 - Concluding Remarks