Global Capitalism & Law


Our knowledge community brings together faculty, visitors, and graduate students from the disciplines of Political Science, Sociology, Philosophy, History, Economics, Law, and Anthropology.

Karen J. Alter, Political Science and Law (co-director): international economic law and international adjudication, the World Trade Organization, European Community, and regional integration in Latin America and Africa

Melike Arslan, Sociology: political sociology, sociology of law, historical and comparative sociology

Arjada Bardhi, Economics: microeconomic theory, information structures in collective decision making, political economy of development, and economic history of the Balkans

Miruna Barnoschi, Political Science: legitimacy and authority in the international system, institutions of global governance, international law, international ethics, political theory

Bruce Carruthers, Sociology (co-director): the historical evolution of credit as a problem in the sociology of trust, regulatory arbitrage, what modern derivatives markets reveal about the relationship between law and capitalism, and the regulation of credit for poor people in early 20th century America

Felipe Cole, History: Latin America, sovereign debt, legal theory, legal history

Christopher Dinkel, Political Science: international relations, international law, international adjudicative bodies

Ceyda Erten, Political Science: International Relations theory, politics of migration, climate change, political sociology, statelessness

Jordan Gans-Morse, Political Science (Steering Committee): property rights, rule of law, authoritarian institutions, predatory states, corruption, clientelism

William Hurst, Political Science (Steering Committee): labor politics, contentious politics, political economy, and the politics of law and legal institutions, principally in China and Indonesia

Daniel Immerwahr, History: history of capitalism, United States and its relationship to overseas territory in the twentieth century

Joshua Kleinfeld, Northwestern Law School: global legal systems (comparative and international law), criminal law and procedure, corporate criminal law, law and philosophy

Andrew Koppelman, Northwestern Law School: law and philosophy, law and religion, constitutional law, free speech

Cristina Lafont, Philosophy (co-director): global governance, democracy and human rights, the effects of globalization on socioeconomic and citizenship rights, global responsibilities for human rights protection

Teng LiHistory: judiciary, enforcement of property law and policies, legal history of East Asia, China's experiment to abolish capitalist law (1949 - 1978) and revive it afterwards

Erin Lockwood, Political Science (administrative coordinator): international financial politics, risk and uncertainty, global derivatives governance

Mauricio Maluff MasiPhilosophysocial and political philosophy, philosophy of race, moral philosophy, Latin America

Tyler Milks, Sociology: education, inheritance of social inequality, culture & consumption, technology, and qualitative methods

Joel Mokyr, Economics: economic history of industrialization

Stephen Nelson, Political Science (co-director): International Monetary Fund, national and international monetary politics

Jide Nzelibe, Northwestern Law School: international business transactions, foreign relations, international trade, international law, developing countries and international law

Andrew Owen, Sociology: economic sociology, political sociology, interaction of financial markets and laws, quantitative methods

Aniket Panjwani, Economics: economic history and industrial organization

Carlos Pereira Di Salvo, Philosophy: cosmopolitanism, institutions of global governance, legitimacy and authority beyond the bounds of the nation-state, the relationship between coercion and law, the epistemology of feasibility, the relationship between property, personhood, and poverty

Ricardo Sánchez Cárdenas, Sociology: postcolonial constitutions in the Americas, postcolonial transnationalism, public institutions in Latin/x America

Sarath Sanga, Northwestern Law School: corporate law, contract theory, international arbitration

Michael Schwarz, Philosophy: legal theory, multi-level constitutionalism and federalism, legal pluralism, European Union, human rights

Dinara Urazova, Political Science: authoritarian institutions, international relations, political and historical sociology