Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI)

About GESI

The GESI study abroad program immerses students in experiential learning for eight weeks. It develops global leaders while contributing to the sustainable development of communities where students work and learn. Sites are run by GESI's on-the-ground partners and offer students the opportunity to address issues in areas such as health, education, environment, youth, women’s empowerment, social enterprise development, and microfinance.

If you're looking for a program where you learn by doing and are ready to challenge yourself in the pursuit of global social change, GESI is for you.


  • Bolivia (Partner: Foundation for Sustainable Development)
  • Costa Rica (Partner: ICADS)
  • Ghana (Partner: Amizade)
  • Guatemala (Partner: Social Entrepreneur Corps)
  • Uganda (Partner: Foundation for Sustainable Development)
  • Vietnam (Partner: Kaya Responsible Travel)