Global Climate Change Governance Research Group

Building on Northwestern’s existing research strengths in fields like law, engineering, business, energy and the environment, and the social sciences, this group examines the most pressing questions in climate change governance, including climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as geoengineering. By supporting and strengthening existing research efforts in a collaborative, interdisciplinary setting, the group hopes to establish Northwestern as a university at the forefront of climate change policy analysis and debate.

The group addresses topics such as how regulation of emerging technologies might impact the earth and its climate, addressing climate change at the local vs. international level of government, social perceptions and public opinions regarding climate change, and the relationship between climate change and social justice.

Like Buffett’s other research groups, Global Climate Change Governance creates a community of scholars and students that pursue university-wide research projects. Plans include a reading group and graduate student seminar, research roundtables, and eventually a research conference. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the topic of climate change and climate change governance, the group hopes to develop exchanges and co-programming with other relevant groups at Buffett and the greater Northwestern community.

Graduate Student Coordinator: Grace Augustine Please email Grace if you would like to be added to our mailing list.